The Snocky-Bella Portmanary


Snocky and Bella are two English language aficionados who specialize in portmanteau (‘mash-up’) words. Born out of Vellapanti, Project Portmanary introduces new words that you can use in your everyday vocabulary. Why? S-B would say ‘Why use two words when you can use one?’

First Published – April 03, 2011
Last Updated – August 30, 2015

Beaulliant adjective
Beautiful and Brilliant
Audrey Tautou was beaulliant in ‘Amelie’!

Cradumby adjective
Crazy and Dumb
Athulya was cradumbierly in love with Subaru!
Few things are as cradumby as Justin Bieber fan girls!

Culture Cupcake noun
Antonym of “Culture Shock”
Contrary to his expectations, Felix’s Taipei life was a culture cupcake.

Gelfie noun
Group selfie

Healthin adjective
Thin/Slim and healthy
She may look thin but she is healthy; She is healthin!
Antonym: Unhealthin

Hute adjective
Hot and Cute
Some considers Alan Rickman to be Hute-est Man Alive!
(‘Alan’ came close to being Snocky-Bella for Hot and Cute!, as Snocky suffers from Chronic AlanRickmania)

Kyootiful adjective
Cute and Beautiful
“Sabbah is Kyootiful!”, exclaimed Shehla.
(Shehla Rashid)

Portmanary noun
Portmanteau and Dictionary
A dictionary of portmanteau words
Example: The Snocky-Bella Portmanary :)

Procrastidate verb
Procrastinate and Update
I’ll put up the definition later. Promise.

Progasm verb (technical)
Program and Orgasm
Something you experience when your entire code works flawlessly the very first time

Toeve adverb/noun
Today (but in the Evening)

Tonoon adverb/noun
Tonight (but in the Afternoon)

Twaos noun
Twitter and Chaos
The condition wherein you have SO MANY tweets to reply to, you don’t know *where* to start!
Twaos reigned as she logged into her twitter after an eternity
Adjective: Twaotic

Unhealthin adjective
Thin/Slim and unhealthy
He looks so unhealthin that I sometimes wonder how he fits his lungs in there! :P
Antonym: Healthin




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  1. Hute? HUTE? :O


  2. Yes :P


  3. Very creatiful. :)


  4. And thanks for stopping by and Liking my “Weekly Photo Challenge: Down (Meal Time)” at (Sorry, forgot to include this.)


  5. Beaulliant! And is there a word for blog and chaos?

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