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In Culture Cupcake, an antonym I coined for “Culture Shock” :P, I write about my experiences in Taipei—my home since January 2015—about my travels in Taiwan and around East Asia during my year-long AIESEC internship :) I occasionally contrast these experiences with my life in Bangalore, Mumbai, and Jammu & Kashmir.

The summer of 2012 will remain etched in my memory as some of the happiest days of my life so far. After quitting my first job as an engineer with a Bangalore-based property developer and real-esate firm, I headed over 3100 kilometers from home – the farthest I’d ever been away – to volunteer as a teacher at Haji Public School. Summer in Breswana features stories, images and videos from my volunteering days at HPS and life at the mountainous village of Breswana.

Photos & Storytelling

I love Weekly Photo Challenges! I love it so much that I’ve extended it from just one post on Fridays to three posts over the weekend! :) Show and Tell SATurdays is where I show a photo and tell the story behind, or related to it. Sunday Sevens is where I explore a favourite format of mine – lists.

For at least an year now, I have been wanting to post conversations with friends here on MAdo. Finally, that materialized; presenting, a series of interviews with ordinary people who have extraordinary stories to share or have walked off the beaten path. (I preapologize for naming this series Felicis with Felix! :) )

Bits & Pieces

Many times, I keep postponing a post have because I want it to be as perfect as it can be, re-working the draft multiple times, in my head and in the WP editor. This makes about one post materialise for every ten writing ideas that I have… Exploring a new format where with some posts, I publish a largely un-re-worked first draft, in a new category called… Quickies :P :)

Have you had an urge to share something with the world but it’s too big for a Facebook update or a tweet and too small or insignificant for a blog post of its own? I do! And this – the Did You Hear That?! series – is my answer to that urge; collect all those tid-bits and put them in a post. Ingenious, no? :P *Pats Self*

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My Best Writing

The Flat Track Bully Myth (Cricket) | Harry Potter may have Avada Kedavra-ed my Love for Reading! (Harry Potter) | The Narrow Paths (Summer in Breswana)



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