My (Very Outdated) Bucket List :)

☐ Learn to Read Mandarin

☐ Volunteer (again) at HPS, Breswana

☑ Meet GRE Goddess [07 July 2012]

☐ Learn to Play the Violin

☐ Play Tennis

☐ Make it to The Amazing Race

☐ Watch an event live at the Olympics

☐ Own Travel Show (Dream Big, eh? :) )

☐ Visit the LOO

☐ Meet Shakira

☐ Meet Helena Bonham Carter

☐ Be Freshly Pressed! :)

☑ Gallop on a Horse [20 May 2012]

☑ Sit atop an Elephant [04 December 2011]

☐ (Professional) Be part of Post-War/Post-Disaster Reconstruction

☑ (Professional) Become a Teacher [29 March – 30 June, 2012]

☐ (Professional) Work as an Environmental Engineer

☐ (Professional) Work in an Advertising Agency

☐ (Professional) Become a Farmer

☐ Open a School

☐ Learn to Ride a Geared Motorbike ( :\ )

☐ Overcome Fear of Deep Waters; Learn to Swim

☐ Meet J.K. Rowling; Faint

☐ Appear in a Movie Credit Roll xD

☐ Set Foot in Every State in the Nation (11 of 36, Currently – Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, New Delhi, Jammu and Kashmir, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Chandigarh, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh)

☐ Own a Jeep

☐ See a Sea Horse/Sea Dragon

☐ (Professional) Work in a Logistics Company

☑ You know that thing where, after playing a Marathon Innings, Rahul Dravid <3 lowers his head and Sweat-Waterfall happens off the Helmet? Yes, That! xD =P [September 2011]
(Safety Helmet + Working in the Rain = Goal Completion :P I’m sure I won’t be needing the rain, come March-April-May :\ )

☑ Change Completely in a Moving Car [August 2011]

☑ Get *So* Wasted, Just Once, Like The Hangover Dudes! =P

☐ Tattoo on Wrist

List Birthday: August 15, 2011
Last Updated: March 10, 2015

Goals that are not written down are just wishes ~ Anonymous

You won’t know what you are ready for until you do it ~ Ellie Paxton-Hall



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  1. Inspiring. Though some of them seem farfetched. :P
    Perhaps you could elucidate regarding the first one on the list? Who is the GRE goddess? Just curious. :D


    • :) With quite a few simple ones on the list, I can afford a few implausible ones in there ;)

      GRE Goddess is a Friend of mine who helped me a lot – a LOT – during my GRE Prep. We were in the same ‘place’ for two years and ‘magically’ never ran into each other. Four years later we ran into each other online again. It’s been a wonderful friendship since. More of a Mentor-Student relationship =P So, effectively, Six years of not meeting each other xD


  2. ☑ Change Completely in a Moving Car

    Congratulations, Mr. Bean! :P

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