Running Away: An [Incomplete] Story

During my interview with Neha Potdar, I was reminded of a [poor? :)] attempt at fiction back in 2013:

Neha: Oh this reminds me! I have your short story! Remember that? I had to beg you to send it to me.

Felix: Haha, yes, never trying that again, fiction. I am sticking to nonfiction. I can haz no creatives.

N: But you do! I love that story!

This is that story, Running Away. After a few attempts at fiction, I have decided to stick with travel writing and nonfiction storytelling :)

If you like to write stories, feel free to take this story forward. I extended a similar offer back in 2012 for a sequel to One Dark Night. So, yeah, I’ll just leave this here :P :)


What do you think?

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