Boundaries: Macau–China & the Tropic of Cancer

I have been a fan of and have taken part in Weekly Photo Challenges for sooo long that I remember doing this week’s theme boundaries before. In fact, boundaries was the very first challenge, back in 2011! :)

At that time, I had presented two images, including one from the Kerala–Tamil Nadu border. This time too, I present two images:

~ Driving across the Tropic of Cancer…

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Much Ado About Nothing LogoThe above image is from Taiwan, where I currently live; the Tropic of Cancer passes through Hualien county.

I will be posting more stories and photos from my travel around Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and the rest of East Asia. Subscribe if you like posts on Travel & Culture :)



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  1. Holy smokes – since 2011?? now that’s impressive! Even more impressive that you REMEMBER the first challenge!!!

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  2. Two lovely photos from instagram, Felix. And they go so well with the challenge. Each country is surrounded by immigration borders, a means to keep citizens organised and a country peaceful if you think about it deeply. Wow, you even remember the first photo challenge. Amazing. I’m sure you’ve had a great time participating in the challenges over the years :)

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