Connected: Kolkata & Hong Kong

Greetings! :)

Glad to be posting for the photo challenge after nearly a year! :) This time, the theme is connected.

Recently, a former-colleague-turned-current-colleague and good friend thebombaybong uploaded this beautiful image of a statue of Queen Victoria set against the backdrop of the Victoria Memorial in Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

I was immediately reminded of Victoria Park in Hong Kong, which I had visited just a few days earlier

~ Yo @thebombaybong."Same pinch" haha :P

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A statue of Queen Victoria is present in one of the largest parks in my home city of Bangalore, India, too. I live in Taipei, Taiwan, now. It takes about 8 hours of flying, including transits, to get from my home city to Hong Kong and Taipei. Isn’t it amazing how much before the advent of modern warfare and conveniences, one fellow member of our species, one individual, managed to lord over such vast territories! Her reign of nearly 64 years is the longest by a female monarch, giving the world the Victorian Era.

Do you have a statue of Queen Victoria (list) or any Colonial Era monarch in your city?

Much Ado About Nothing LogoThe morality and outcomes of colonialism are difficult to discuss objectively,  and some bias is bound to creep depending on your heritage. But unquestionably, Queen Victoria has left her mark on human civilization, connecting such vastly different cities as London, Kolkata, and Hong Kong.

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  1. No queen statues in Pittsburgh. I like your connections. Good to see you on the blog today.

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  2. No Queen things in the Chicago area, at least that I’m aware of, although one suburb has a replica of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, which I find a bit disturbing! :-) I even drink tea, despite the Boston Tea Party of many years ago!


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    • I might be wrong but I guess there are very few statues and memorials to the British Empire in the US because the US independence was declared way back in 1776! Most countries with such statues became independent in the mid to late 20th century. :)


  3. A Queen Victoria statue reigns over Queens Park in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, where I grew up. Apparently, it’s the only statue of her in Queensland, even though the state was named for her. She is an intimidating figure looking out over her subjects walking beneath and around her. Even the shadow cast by the statue is impressive. I like your post about the connections between Queen Victoria and various spots around the world.

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