There is No Nope for the Melons

Many times, I keep postponing a post have because I want it to be as perfect as it can be, re-working the draft multiple times, in my head and in the WP editor. This makes about one post materialise for every ten writing ideas that I have… Exploring a new format where with some posts, I publish a largely un-re-worked first draft, in a new category called… Quickies. :P :)


I have yet again been lazy when it comes to writing, despite starting this quickies thing late last year. I do love to write, but my publishing frequency here on MAdo has dropped drastically after I moved from engineering to academic editing in late 2012. Unlike prior to that, after processing tens of thousands of words a day, there really isn’t much motivation for me to read [In all of 2015 so far, I have (only) managed to complete 168 pages of offline reading (Crazy Rich Asians)] or write. That’s pretty much the only thing I dislike about my job; it killed my writing and reading habits, which is ironic because I am pretty sure that my career in professional editing is founded at least in part on the years of reading and writing that I did right from my school days :)

Yet, every Sunday night since my last post back in March this year, as I head to sleep and prepare for a new week, there is a sense of… loss, for lack of a better word, that I feel, for not writing. That increasing sense of loss, with nearly a hundred post ideas forming and evaporating in my mind in the meantime, has culminated in this post, on my 26th birthday and just after MAdo‘s fifth :) I really, really wanted to get something up here on or before today. So, here it is :P

This sounds like a post just for the sake of publishing a post, right? May be. Hehe. I do have some announcements to make regarding my two blogs, MAdo and Summer in Breswana. I have promised (myself) that I will publish at least one post per week until the last week of 2015. To incentivize myself, I will be shipping Taiwanese goodies to the first person (from my four loyal readers, hahaha) who notices each time I have missed a post :P :)

I have published only ten or so days from my One Hundred Days of Joy volunteering at Haji Public School in Jammu & Kashmir, India. I still have so many amazing (if I may say so myself) photographs and stories to share. Although that was back in 2012, I did document everything of interest in a notepad. I think I will really enjoy publishing again at Summer in Breswana.

And of course, eight months in a foreign city and in a culture so contrasting from all the ones that have influenced me in the preceding twenty five years. There’s a ton to write about my experiences in Taiwan, particularly in Taipei. I will be publishing these posts under the new category Culture Cupcake, a term I coined as an antonym for “Culture Shock” :P :) I also plan to resume Did You Hear That?! and Sunday Sevens (because lists are the easiest to do, hehe).

So, here’s wishing myself a year filled with lots of writing (and travel! <7) :)

Much Ado About Nothing LogoP.S. Featured image is the opening slide of my presentation in February of this year at AIESEC NCCU, my host AIESEC LC, on my initial experiences in Taiwan. On the bottom right is my Chinese name, Fei Li Sheng :)

P.P.S. The title… After spending quite some time deliberating the title of this post, I gave up and borrowed Hagrid’s immortal words in Chinese.



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  1. I’m watching this space. You better write often.


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