A Library Full of Books I Cannot Read

Many times, I keep postponing a post have because I want it to be as perfect as it can be, re-working the draft multiple times, in my head and in the WP editor. This makes about one post materialise for every ten writing ideas that I have… Exploring a new format where with some posts, I publish a largely un-re-worked first draft, in a new category called… Quickies. :P :)
The Libratory
The Libratory, Wenzhou Street, Da’an, Taipei.

I discovered this used books store in the basement of a building a few buildings down from my apartment. I went in there to find a book to help me get started with basic Mandarin. They didn’t have a beginner-level book.

Visiting this bookstore today makes me want to learn to speak, and later read, Chinese. My Italian flatmate could converse well in Chinese in about three months. I’m going to give myself till about the end of the year though :) I will learn at least enough to hold a decent conversation. I taught myself to read Malayalam, and I can read it fluently now. So I just need to apply the same process xD

I think seeing a library full of hundreds of books that I cannot read has motivated me like nothing else. As bad as my Hindi may have been when living in Mumbai, I could still read and understand it, and engage in a semi-decent conversation, before resorting to an English phrase in between :P The last three months have been the first time in what I can remember of my 25 years that I have been so strongly, constantly, almost embarrassingly reminded on a daily basis of my illiteracy in a language.

Much Ado About Nothing LogoIf I do manage to gain some proficiency in Mandarin, it will be the sixth language that I  can read, eighth that I can understand by listening, and fourth that I can write. :)

P.S. I moved to Taipei, Taiwan, on January 1, 2015 :)



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  1. I really like this new theme.

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  2. So now that I’ve finally read this post, how is your Mandarin learning coming along?


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