With So Much Love…

Greetings! :)

In an earlier post, I wrote

If you were one of the three people reading my blog back in 2011, one of which was me (:P), you would know that I made a 2012 calendar featuring my friends. I wanted to create something similar for 2013 and 2014, but I did not have the creative space and time. I feel happy and nice to announce that I have now begun work on the 2015 version […]  I plan to print it as table calendar, those [triangular] kinds. The featured image (top) is the cover. Here’s a sneak peak at the current draft version of one of the months. The left and right panels will be the front and back for January. Yay for being between jobs :P

So, here it is, my 2015 Calendar, featuring some of the most amazing people I know :)

Click on the images to enlarge them.

1. Front Cover 2. January 3. February 4. March 5. April 6. May 7. June 8. July 9. August 10. September 11. October 12. November 13. December

14. Back Cover

The images displayed are low-res JPEGs. I originally uploaded high-res PNG images, but they took forever to load. Links to high-res images:

Front Cover 9 MB
January 10 MB
February 10 MB
March 5 MB
April 10 MB
May 7 MB
June 15 MB
July 13 MB
August 7 MB
September 8 MB
October 8 MB
November 13 MB
December 13 MB
Back Cover 6 MB

 Hey Felix, you weird, insane friend. Please go ahead. :)


Yes boss :) Anything for your kind heart :)

I don’t know what it is, but go ahead, Felix. :) (My most favourite response haha xD)

…I am glad you have this between jobs recess to get relaxed. But you just don’t stop working, do you?


What do you think?

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