Sunday Sevens 5 – YouTube Channels

Greetings :)

This Sunday, I share seven of my favourite YouTube channels. Between 2012 and mid-2014, YouTube was my major source of video entertainment as I did not own a television. It took me a while to find my subscriptions today, because a month back, given how much of my reading is online, to improve my non-English reading ability, I opted for additional languages on my Google interface: Malayalam, Kannada and Hindi. (In hindsight, it is a miracle I thrived in Mumbai for 2 years haha :P)

My YouTube

1. Vsauce

Vsauce was the first YouTube channel I subscribed to, and I have been hooked ever since. Michael Stevens, the show’s host, scientifically discusses topics you may have pondered at some time, such as What will We Miss? and How Much Money is there on Earth?, those that you never thought of until you saw the title, such as Why are Things Cute? and How Many Calories are on a Smudgy Screen?, and some complex topics, Is Anything Real?, in very interesting, simple ways.

2. BrizzyVlogs

xD Brizzy is a voice actor. Moar Fun:

3. Lindsey Stirling

I have been fascinated with violins for a long, long time now and it remains (sadly, unticked) in my bucket list top three (not updated in a while, that list).

4. WheezyWaiter

WheezyWaiter is the Lindsey Stirling of YouTube comedy.

I repeat, WheezyWaiter is the Lindsey Stirling of YouTube comedy.

5. 2 Cellos

What’s as awesome as a violin? A cello. What’s even better? 2 Cellos.

6. The Viral Fever

The Viral Fever, India’s gold standard in satire and comedy (which currently for me is The OnionLast Week Tonight).

7. CGP Grey

CGP Grey takes all the awesomeness of the first six channels and multiplies it by ten. Sadly, this takes time. So CGP Grey produces one video for almost every 100 videos produced by the other six :(

Much Ado About Nothing LogoDid I hook you on to at least one of these channels? :P What are your favourite YouTube channels?


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