Weekly Photo Challenge: Converge

Greetings! :)

This week’s theme is Converge.

Both images are from my volunteering days in Breswana, Doda, Jammu & Kashmir. I have travelled quite a bit within the country and I have rarely come across such stunning landscapes. You can simply point and shoot in pretty much any direction and you will almost always have a brilliant photograph :)

Converge 1
On misty days, you could hardly see a few meters ahead of you, before everything converged into a cold white blanket. I miss this so much :) <7
DSC01786 (Sky Spilling Over)
The sky pouring over the mountains. Being high up in the mountains has such advantages. I miss how far ahead I could see. We are almost looking into the neighbouring state in this image.

Much Ado About Nothing LogoWhile you are here, may I offer you a quick, quick read? :P Take your pick: short fiction, short non-fiction. :)

My favourites so far:

Suyash Chopra
Stephen Chapman
Piran Cafe (Such a beautiful interpretation!)
Stories from a Wanderer


What do you think?

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