This Too Shall Pass


I am not entirely sure why, perhaps to be told otherwise and stand corrected by wiser souls and with the comfort of knowing that I can always remove or restrict access this post, I am sharing my ‘farewell’ email to some of my teammates and friends at my now-former workplace.

123Everything in this email, and most other things that I now know, some of which differ significantly from the values I believed in growing up, are from my personal experiences in recent years. I quote myself from my About page here on MAdo:

One of my objectives of [blogging] is – if I grow old to be say 40 or 50 or 60, I want to visit this here and laugh out loud at a 20-ish year old self! :D At 16, I was amused by the doings of a 13 year old Felix. 20 year old Felix is amused and somewhat appalled at 16 year old Felix. I wonder what the 40 year old will think of the 20 year old.. :)

I do not know how much of what I wrote in this mail, a few weeks after I turned 25, I will still Much Ado About Nothing Logobelieve in when I turn 30 or even much earlier. But that is the thing about opinions. I think it is okay to change opinions when the opinions you hold have been shown, by life experiences, to be not still worthy of being held on to. CGP Grey puts this across in a more elegant way than I ever can. Well, these are my opinions. And here are a couple more:

The greatest deception men suffer is from their own opinions. ~ Leonardo Da Vinci

Writing means sharing. It’s part of the human condition to want to share things – thoughts, ideas, opinions. ~ Paulo Coelho

Featured image: One of the farewell notes and gifts I received. For the wonderful friends I have, I am truly fortunate.

Edit, 29 Nov 2014: I remember pausing my mouse pointer over the send button for quite some time, questioning myself about how sure I am that what I believe in is valid enough to be shared with a large impressionable audience. Earlier this week, I read 10 Instinctive Decisions You Will Regret Forever on LinkedIn, and I feel slightly reassured that some themes from my email overlaps with those in the article. :)


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