Seven Graphs, Charts and GIFs that Depict my Current between-Jobs Situation

Greetings :)

I am now between jobs and the gap between the jobs has extended due to er.. unforeseen developments. I present here, seven graphs, charts and GIFs that depict my current situation. :)

Earlier this month, after two spectacular years of living in Mumbai, I moved back to Bangalore, my home town. This graph depicts how much I miss the two cities.

How I Miss My Cities

Hehe. Mumbai <7 is a wonderful, captivating (and expensive) city to live in. A recent survey listed Mumbai in the top 15 cities to work and live in.

Mumbai, which ranked 13, is the only Indian city to appear in the list of 15 best cities worldwide. It came 13th in overall attractiveness, seventh in economic dynamism, 15th in quality of life and fifth in cost of living, INSEAD said.

It is not just about the place; it is about the people too. Most of my close friends now are in Mumbai. Haww. Its okay, there are things about Bangalore too that make me happy. Apart from the joy (and the not-so-joys :P) being back home, it feels refreshing to wake up to 16°C (instead of 24°) and walk around the city without being fried (mid-twenties instead of mid-thirties). Of course, Blossoms too :) But, they can haz all the beaches awww. hehe. (Featured Image is from Mumbai, a week before I left)

In the digital age, you move twice: once physically and once digitally. A recent facebook status of mine explains this.

~ Slowly, all my online accounts and applications are now becoming aware of my relocation. From the ‘early-realiser’ Weather App to now BookMyShow, ‘Your location has changed. Do you want to update your default location to “Bangalore” from “Mumbai.”‘ Every time I tap ‘Yes’, it feels like this. Haww. :):


Yes, I miss Mumbai: the city and the people. So much. Interestingly, this is also how I feel when I receive my credit card statements :P hehe.

The reason I quit my former job was to pursue something I wanted to do for a long time, and that involved me moving to another country. Through AIESEC, I found an interesting opportunity. I was successful in my application and I am currently awaiting VISA-related documents. The situation is a little complex and could take some time, with no certainty a VISA will be issued. So, I started looking for back ups, through AIESEC and outside. I went all out, contacting pretty much all firms in East Asia and some firms in Eastern Europe (two regions I am so attracted to, primarily the former) in a niche field (STEM language solutions). The graph below shows the response, which I am sure many job seekers will relate to :D Hehe.

Responses to in-house position requests. Responses to freelancing have been much more favourable. (Yes, I noted the error after creating the graph :P)

Speaking of which, the graph below is how easy it is for me to explain to people not familiar with my field what exactly it is that I do and what I plan to do. You could extend the timeline either way quite a bit and it would not make much difference :P What I am quietly confident of and passively enthusiastic about is the career plan I have set for myself.

“I am an Academic Editor” “What is that?”

If you replace easy with certain, tadaaa, you now have a graph of how certain I am of what I am doing currently. That’s okay; one of the things I wrote about in an email I wrote to my team before I quit was how it is better to prefer the uncertainty of chasing something you really want over the certainty of not doing so. I could be proven wrong later, but for now, I really believe in that. :) I think this should be my new twitter bio: quietly confident, passively enthusiastic, unbelievably uncertain. :P

Because I do not particularly enjoy litigation, I cannot in the flowchart below show the exact reporting and organizational structure I had at my former workplace. :P Let’s assume I am Robert in this generic organizational chart (which I found via a Google search for generic organizational chart). It is quite a drastic switch to my current reporting structure, right? It is true though. So much of my current work and personal tasks revolve and Google, primarily from my Windows phone. Gmail is now my workplace central. I now more than ever use google calendar to track my tasks and commitments. Going by how Google has responded (see last image in this post), Google is a rather efficient personal secretary as well :).

Reporting Structure
Former and current reporting structure

No longer having a routine to adhere to for most of the week is liberating, but also indiscipline-inducing for those weakly inclined to the conventional norms of doing non-work things at pre-scheduled times (I just said I am becoming lazy using a lot more words :P) One of two things the below graph represents is how many times a week I now have Brunch, because I wake up at 12, because I sleep at 2 AM. Hehe. In Mumbai, my google calendar’s default view was set to show 11:00 to 20:00. It now shows 13:00 to 21:00 :P Oh, the joys of freelancing :P

Times I have Brunch in a Week (Grey Scale) Perceived value of ₹10 (Brown Scale)

The second situation the above graph depicts is the perceived value of ₹10 :P This is perhaps the most difficult aspect of being between jobs, especially if it lasts longer than you planned :)

Like all extended (and in this case, unplanned) breaks, it can get frustrating and boring, no matter how much one tries to keep themselves engaged. Ladies and gentleman, twice in two months, I compare myself to the amazing man that is Jack Donaghy :P xD

Jack Donaghy Bored Giphy

The other was in the aforementioned email I wrote to my team,

…have been to me as leaders (Or, if you follow 30 Rock, this is my first Jack Donaghy moment after years of being Liz Lemon :P) :)

Yep, I made a 30 Rock <7 reference in a professional email. Heee. :P

I think the perfect reflection of how exciting my life currently is is that I was overjoyed that I visited two banks and a Nokia Care last Tuesday. Hehe. I have multiple friends from Mumbai visiting Bangalore early next month and I am meeting a few other friends I haven’t met in a long, long time. The coming weeks look more exciting than bank visits. Yay :P

Much Ado About Nothing LogoOkay, this is boring. I’m bored now. xD

The thing about Mumbai is you go five yards and all of human existence is revealed. It’s an incredible cavalcade of life, and I love that. ~ Julian Sands

If you think nobody cares about you, try missing a couple of payments. ~ Steven Wright

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