Wonder Women

New Year Greetings!

In my last post, I said

More than a paragraph, Alisha Aranha deserves at the very least an entire blog post dedicated to her and her efforts at Scribble Foundation. In my next post, I will write more about Alisha <7 and Scribble Foundation, and how you can help :)

So here it is, a post about two wonder women: Sabbah Haji and Alisha Aranha.

What can I say about Sabbahkka <7 that hasn’t been said in dozens of media publications and channels. Having followed Sabbah on twitter for a few weeks, on 10 Dec 2011, I wrote an email, expressing interest in volunteering at Haji Public School. It’s been an amazing journey ever since. Sabbah and I have only met a couple of times and have only spoken occasionally after I left the school but Sabbah is one of those people who once you’ve met, you can never forget. Sabbahkka is one of those persons who you inexplicably want to make extremely proud of you! :)

Click here to see why Sabbah is a wonder woman.

Moar: Here and Here.

For me, more than having built, run and grown a school, Sabbahkka is a superhero because she inspires me to be a better person. Always.

Sabbah Haji, with Jai and Veeru.
Sabbah Haji, with Jai and Veeru.

Former colleague, one of my closest Mumbai friends and occasional agony aunt, the Artistically Amazing Alisha Aranha (Maria Geography!!! :P <7), is no less a wonder woman. Alisha almost singlehandedly formed and runs Scribble Foundation. Initially run with almost-zero-external-funding, Alisha plans and conducts (along with other artists) art workshops for underprivileged kids. What is amazing is that she conducts workshops at a remarkably regular frequency despite having a full-time job that keeps her busy for most of the week.

I feel so happy to have helped out as a volunteer at one of the workshops. Of course, with my artistic skills (lack of), I could only help out in completely non-artistic ways, haha :) One of my favourite memories of Mumbai is Alisha telling me the story of how Scribble Foundation was formed and how it grew to what it is now on a slow train from Churchgate to Andheri. Perhaps my memory has been modified/refined because I keep visiting it often, but I can remember the sparkle in her eyes in that dark train. :)

The Artistically Amazing Alisha Aranha
The Artistically Amazing Alisha Aranha

Both Sabbah and Alisha are wonder women not only for what they do for the holistic education of underprivileged kids around them, but because what they do to others around them; they inspire. Think of them the next time you say you don’t have time to pursue your hobby or are on the verge of giving up your resolutions. Think of them the next time you say you don’t have time for something you want to do :)

For Each Scribble is Priceless ~ Scribble Foundation Motto Summer in Breswana

Terras Irradient (Let Them Illumine the Earth) ~ Haji Public School Motto

P.S. You can help both organizations!

HPS is currently accepting applications for volunteer teachers for the academic year 2014-15. More Details.

Are you an artist or do you know an artist? Help Alisha conduct workshops by recommending artists who can conduct workshops! Contact Details.cropped-maan3.jpg

P.P.S Special thanks to teammate Neha D. for getting me to write again through her Christmas gift :)


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