Life’s Teasing Moments..

Greetings :)

Have you ever felt teased by life, so to speak?

Earlier this month, on the way back from the lovely village of Breswana to my home-city of Bangalore, I had to travel by a Force Traveller from the cities of Doda to Jammu. Due to the mountainous terrain, it took over six hours to cover this distance, just under 200 kilometers. At one point, I was feeling a tad too thirsty and we’d run out of water.

Doda’s water supply is sourced from the many natural springs around the city. Both civil and military trucks fill up their tanks at specific filling points along the highway and take it back to the city/military camps. For most of the journey on the outskirts of Doda, we’d be following trucks such as the one in the picture.

Military Drinking Water Truck

Drinking Water, it reads, in Hindi and Urdu.

I found it quite funny, actually. Me, sitting in the mini-bus, almost parched with thirst (this was the hottest weather I’d been in – late thirties (celcius); I would experience early-forties, in Jammu),  with trucks emblazoned Pinae ka Pani just a few feet ahead. This was one of life’s teasing moments.

I’d experience another teasing moment earlier this weekend, and that is what prompted me to write this post.

If you’ve been following my blog from it’s inception (August 2010), which is very unlikely :P, you’d know that most of the early posts in MADo (then Bleh) were about my GRE, TOEFL and graduate admissions. In 2010, out of my seven university applications, I secured admits to Michigan State University, State University of New Jersey (Rutgers) and New York institute of Technology. Unfortunately, I couldn’t gain a scholarship in any of the universities, and without aid, all three were financially out of my reach.

In 2011, after graduation, having bid goodbyes to my post-graduate dreams, I moved ahead with my career, landing a wonderful first job.

In Malayalam, my first language, there is a a saying that reads Like a blind man’s throw at the mango tree. Pottakanande Mangaeilaeru.

In late 2011, after returning from a particularly stressful day at work, I decided to throw blindly at my mango tree. I tracked down one affordable Scottish university with a good ranking, just the one, and applied for a post-graduate course in my favourite field – Environmental Engineering.

Since I had applied almost a year in advance, the response was quick. I had secured yet another admit. I was happy, this one was somewhat affordable.

Earlier this year, the university hiked their fees. Then the Indian Rupee quickly began to lose it’s value against the British Pound. From close to 70 rupees per pound, it currently stands at close to 90.

Le Sigh. Yet another attempt rendered out of reach.

Here’s where the teasing part comes in: Last Friday, I was offered the Scottish Government’s Saltire Scholarship worth GBP2000. While I’m overjoyed at being awarded this scholarship (I AM NOT COMPLETE WASTE, after all :P ) ), it still wasn’t even close enough to make the year at Glasgow affordable. I’d finally got what I wanted; A scholarship. But.. Hehe :)

I have to respond to the university by this evening, either accepting or rejecting the scholarship. I will, of course, have to reject, simultaneously withdrawing my application itself.

I’m not sad. Not at all. Somehow, after two years of chasing a graduate admit, and giving gamut of tests, this is all rather strangely amusing. When I withdraw my application later this evening, it’ll be the closing of a very exciting chapter of my life – one that stretches from August 2010 to now  . This may perhaps be the very last post filed under the category Gradmission. :)

God gives the nuts but he does not crack them ~ German Proverb

Summer in Breswana



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  1. An apt quote for the post! :)

    Happy Beginning to a new phase of life which does not include tests and SOPs


  2. being offered the scholarship must have been a boost to your self confidence nevertheless! All the best with your future plans Felix! And i hope this is the last of your teasing moments :-)


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