Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

Greetings :)

This week’s photo challenge theme is Inside.

During my stay in Breswana, we got to experience a few storms. One was, to put it gently, CRAZY! Wind speeds were incredibly high. Outside, the trees were violently swaying around; Every tree looked like it was about to break; Anything that wasn’t fixed firmly was blown away. The wind blowing through the tin roof howled loudly. Having come from a city were such storms almost never happen, all this was fun, in a novel way.

And then, it happened. One loud bang, followed by a few more bangs. An entire brick had broken through the tin roof, pierced the false wooden ceiling with no effort and landed on the dining table (where the three inhabitants of the house at that time were seated just minutes ago). A few more bricks landed on the floor.

One volunteer (Azon) and I were outside. The other volunteer – Ranjini – was inside. We rushed it on hearing the crash and Ranjini’s scream.


The weather didn’t improve much after that. Fun was now scary. We got into save our heads mode. This is Azon under the dining table. :) We were live-tweeting the storm! xD

Azon under tableI tend to make the poorest of jokes at the most inopportune times. This is one such: Isn’t this funny? Hit?! :P


We had camped overnight at the mountain peak the previous night and had only just returned this evening – Azon and I. I had suggested we stay out one more night! Phew!

Anyone who has spent a few nights in a tent during a storm can tell you: The world doesn’t care all that much if you live or die ~ Anthony Doerr

Summer in Breswana
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  1. I totally track with your sense of humor :)


  2. Yes, the safest place under the circumstances! Seems like you would have been better off in your tent!


    • Hehe. I don’t think any improvised tent could have resisted winds speeds that high. This is at about 7500 ft above MSL. The peak is close to 12000 ft. Wind speeds are much, much higher at the peaks, of course.


  3. Like the humor. ;-)


  4. Wow! So glad you were all OK!


  5. Wow! Glad you lived to tell the tale!


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