Weekly Photo Challenge: Dream

Greetings! :)

Glad to be posting for the Weekly Photo Challenge again after over three months. I was away volunteering as a teacher in a school. This week’s theme is  Dreaming and I’m posting a picture taken during my volunteering days.

Misty Breswana Hills
Click to enlarge

The school I volunteered at is a non-profit organisation located in the Himalayan hill-range village of Breswana (Doda, Jammu and Kashmir). This picture was taken on the 11th of April this year, day 15 of my stay. On misty days such as this, mist/clouds would form within seconds as if out of nowhere, stay for a while and then disappear as quickly as they formed. This was during one of the walks around the village; The visibility would drop to almost zero and then it would be back up to hundreds of kilometers, as is common on mountain slopes.

This does have a dreamy feel to it, doesn’t it? At least to plain-land dwellers, it does :)

You can follow stories, images and videos from my 100 days at Haji Public School in the mountains in my second blog – Summer in Breswana.

A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams ~ John BarrymoreSummer in Breswana

EDIT: Some of my favourite Dreaming entries:

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