Lines of Pun-jab


Three hours ago, this tweet appeared on my timeline:

I replied with a (poor) pun of my own:

And it kept going..

And going..

And going..

By now you should have realised: all of mine are terrible, and all of @inkdip’s are good! xD

Me: No! AMMA-n! :P (‘Amma’ means ‘Mother!’)

Inkdip: God! It Spain to continue this way! You better Finnish it. :P

Me: ~ So @inkdip and I have been back-and-forthing place name puns. I can now say, Victoria is Mine! =P (Oh dear Lord!)

Inkdip: Oh boy, keep saying that to Jew self. But Indian-d I-ran with your trophy.

Me: What are material possessions like trophies? All that matters is spiritual peace. Hare Krishna, Hare Hare. Hare Krishna Harare.

Inkdip: all in good humour pal, that’s how France are, right? :P

Me: Yes, yes. Good France snatch trophies and Rome around all day. (All of yours are good. Mine are pathetic! xD )

Inkdip: Speaking of roaming reminds me, I’ve to go Greece my cycle wheels and write a blog Abottabad experience with Osama.

Me: Oh oh. Looks like I Burma toast.

Inkdip: My neighbour, Mrs. Sippy burnt herself while trying to fry Hamburg-er in Japan.

Me: ~ I concede. Victoria is @inkdip ‘s only. He is a very Qatar-nak player. (‘Qatarnak’ means ‘Dangerous’)

Inkdip: Hey! What’s the Russia?

Me: Need to make Utah-pams for dinner. (‘Uthappams’ is a rice-based delicacy.)

Inkdip: Please, Kenya hang in for some more? Venice your dinner starting anyway?

Me: Dinner is starting Warsaw-oon. Need to polish all my shoes. Dental czech-up is also pending.

Inkdip: Some people are pro at multitasking. Texas, or rather takes me, so much effort!

Inkdip: And about cooking, all I can do is Mecca bowl of maggi! Huff!

Me: It’s all skills, innit? Like how some people, like you, are very Artic-ulate.

Me: I was thinking, we should move to Pun-jab.

Inkdip: Tsk tsk this was fun!

Me: Please Donetsk for more! That’s it. Iraq-ed my brain as much as possible. The End. Finnish.

Me: xD Phew! Mind if I collect and post them, with due credits? :)

Inkdip: it is really sweet of you, Andes my pleasure to have know a multitasker like you!

Inkdip: I-raq’d my brain is by far the best. No, I don’t mind at all, if Europe in more people your post will become even better :D

Me: I canada-ke it anymore! Too much! =P

That’sallokaythankyou! :)

“Meanwhile, in a parallel universe, Pony the horse tweets- “Horses, hold your people for a while and check out my DP, posing with a @czesooe” ~ Naren (@inkdip)

Summer in Breswana



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  1. Haha, that was hilarious. I practiced my poor hindi skills (I’ve forgotten most of it by now) at work the other day. So I asked this guy how many brothers & sisters he’s got.

    He answered: “ek sister *mumbling* (or rather: *I couldn’t understand*) dubai”.
    So I was like: “Ok. You have one sister and two brothers?”
    And he went: “No, one sister that lives In Dubai.”

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