100 Days Later! :)

Greetings! :)

I got back home yesterday evening after probably the best one hundred days of my life! xD Over this past summer, I was volunteering as a teacher at Haji Public School. HPS, a not-for-profit institution, is the only private educational institute in Breswana, a small village in Doda District of Jammu & Kashmir, India.

Breswana is drastically different from any place I’ve lived in. Firstly, Breswana is almost 3100 kms away from my hometown. Prior to this, the farthest I’ve been away from home is about 700 kms. Similarly, having spent all my life at around 3000 ft above sea level, spending a 100 days between 7500 and 12000 ft was so much.. fun! xD And Snow..! And Horses! And many more firsts! :)

All of that pales in comparison to the best part of my days in Breswana – The kids. I have so much to tell that I am not entirely sure how to start! Counting the number of exclamation marks in this post, you can probably guess how excited I am! :P :)

It was heartbreaking to leave Breswana. Still under a cloud of sadness, But I can’t wait to share all the lovely stories and pictures from over those hundred days. Since there is enough stuff to share, I’ve decided to post them in a new blog, instead of at MAdo. It may take some time before I start posting though, as I work on the blog appearance and widgets and try out themes. You can have a look at it here – SummerInBreswana :)

“That’sAllOkayThankYouSir” ~ A student of mine – Iqra Nabi Wani’s – signature finishing line for any conversation.



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  1. Welcome back! Look forward to reading all about Breswana. Ashamed to admit I had never heard of this place, and i pride myself on my knowledge of geography ;-(


    • Aw.. No, no, Breswana is the smallest of villages; One of thousands dotting the mountain faces.

      Right now, when you search for Breswana, Google asks “Did you mean Botswana?” :P The school is the only thing that puts Breswana on the internet, because the Director Sabbah Haji ( @imsabbah ) does a lot of social media for the school.

      Her dream is for Google to ask “Did you mean Breswana?” when someone searches for Botswana! :P


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