From Paradise…

Greetings! :)

It’s been about a month since my last post, and two since my last unscheduled one. For the last two months – and for the next one -, I’ve been volunteering as a teacher at a school high up in the mountains: far, far away from the cities and ‘modern-ity (and hence, broadband access).

Even now, with over a month left, I feel sad at the thought of having to head back home, from paradise. But I do have a ton of beautiful pictures and wonderful stories – of war and peace, of things taught and learnt, of treks and falls, of horses and leopards, of snow and hail, of kids and their awesomeness – that I’m just waiting to share with the online world :) I have quite a lot to say; I’m thinking of beginning a second blog – Summer in Breswana – also because my current theme isn’t photo friendly.

Bye for now :)



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  1. Look forward to your stories :-)


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