Show And Tell SATurday 7 (Waiting)

Hi! I am away for a few months starting March 28. This is a series of scheduled posts to keep my blog alive during my absence :) Check out the schedule on the right side of this page. Thank you for reading. Do come back for the other posts! :)

I love Weekly Photo Challenges! I love it so much that I’ve extended it from just one post on Fridays to three posts over the weekend! :) Show and Tell SATurdays is where I show a photo and tell the story behind, or related to it. Sunday Sevens is where I explore a favourite format of mine – lists.


During our undergrad class’ Summer tour of North Karnataka, on Day 3, some of us decided to head to Paradise Beach.


Paradise Beach is truly the smallest beach I’ve ever been on! The entire length of the beach is on the image below! :) Deep waters though. A few steps ahead of where the guys are, it’s super-deep.

Paradise Beach

As the boat guys go back, you begin to realize – there is no way back until these guys come back. Good thing we didn’t pay them yet! :P No, really, The local people were really nice, throughout the trip! :)

We had our lunch here. For such a small beach, there was quite a variety of places to eat from – two :P We split ourselves between the two places. Since we were the only people there, everything was made just for us, fresh, very customised :P The kitchen with one of us inside..

Paradise Kitchen

Meanwhile, Yours truly was doing this :P

Yours Truly :PAfter our lunch, we began to wait for the boat guys to come back..

More Waiting. Tehehe, I like the picture below a little more than the others.. Everyone is waiting! :P


Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane? No it’s SuperBoatMan! :P XD #PJ

Of course, we would have loved to spend much more time there. But this was our last day of the tour, and we were really close to our departure time. :)

The trick is to make sure you don’t die waiting for prosperity to come ~ Lee Iaccoca

MAANClick on images to view larger.

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  1. Love that last image! Are you following IPL?


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