Weekly Photo Challenege: Boundaries

Hi! I am away for a few months starting March 28. This is a series of scheduled posts to keep my blog alive during my absence :) Check out the schedule on the right side of this page. Thank you for reading. Do come back for the other posts! :)

Weekly Photo Challenges were started over a year ago by Daily Post. The very first theme was Boundaries, on 04 February 2011. Here is my take on it –

Kerala-TN Border

Given how beautiful Kerala is, one would expect a more grand welcome at the Tamil Nadu-Kerala border, no? Going from my Home to my Hometown, I have to pass through two state borders. Karnataka-Tamil Nadu and Tamil Nadu-Kerala. I don’t have a picture of the KA-TN border, but that is (relatively) very grand :)

Here’s another ‘boundary’. People from commonwealth nations can get this ;)

M Chinnaswamy Stadium
Prior to opening game, Royal Challengers v Cape Cobras, Champions League 2009.

The premier league is round the corner! Woo! Go RCBees! xD

Knowledge once gained casts a light beyond its own immediate boundaries ~ John Tyndall

MAANSee my previous Weekly Photo Challenge entries here :)


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