Show And Tell SATurday 4 (Through)


This time, it’s more Show and less Tell :P Ladies and Gentlemen, from God’s Own Country, I present.. :P

I love Weekly Photo Challenges! I love it so much that I’ve extended it from just one post on Fridays to three posts over the weekend! :) Show and Tell SATurdays is where I show a photo and tell the story behind, or related to it. Sunday Sevens is where I explore a favourite format of mine – lists. Both of these posts will (try to) stick to the theme set by the weekly challenge. Do come back over the weekend for more on the week’s theme! :)

(Due to foreseen circumstances (helter-skelter-running-around-for-the-next-few-days), it is unlikely there will be a Sunday Seven tomorrow! :) )

I had initially saved some of these pictures for a scheduled WPC post for an old theme – Home (I will be away for a few months, but there will be some scheduled posts, so that the blog doesn’t feel abandoned! :P). I thought I’d present them here, instead. Please do remember that these were taken with a mobile phone camera so picture quality, even after some processing, is poor. I have a digital camera now, so we will have better pictures the next time we visit! :) The theme this week is Through.

Plantation 2
Maternal Grandparent's place; Through the woods :)

During my schooling, I spent almost every summer here, where my mum grew up. The trees you see are Rubber Trees (Hevea brasiliensis) (The trees are tapped for Latex which is sold commercially). I love spending time here. It is just so.. pristine! The birds are always chirping.. The toads and frogs are always croaking.. And my young neice and nephews who live here are always play-fighting.. :P It ain’t quiet, but I love the noises here! :)This is the view from the other end of the path..Plantation

And the backyard..


There’s probably a hundred coconut trees for every person in Kerala. It’s just everywhere! :)

I have an uncle and two aunts on my mother’s side. All but the youngest sister are settled elsewhere. So over the years, the place has almost fallen into disarray

Niece, Broken Chicken Coop, Coconut Husks (to be used as firewood).

The place is a shadow of it’s former self. From the stories I hear, there were oxes, cows, chicken and so many crops a decade or so ago. After Grandpa passed away, and my aunts and uncle moved away, the animal population has become almost non-existent. When I last visited, there were only a couple of chicken. There were cows on my visits before. I want to restore everything to how it was before. I hope I can do that :)

During the school days I could only visit during the summer. After starting college, I could visit during the monsoons. The place is ten times as beautiful in the monsoons as it is in the summer!

It does feel like living in a forest sometimes, given how far the nearest town is, and how self-sufficient the place is. Actually, this is the closest one can get to living in a forest legally! :P There is a stream not far from the backyard, and beyond the stream it isa forest! :)

Stream and Forest

Wild Animals do come across sometimes.. mostly foxes and snakes.. I’ve come across quite a few snakes during my visits there.

Getting to the place is fun too.

Apart from it’s natural beauty, Kerala has 99% literacy, is the cleanest state in the country and the Human Development Index is higher than most developed countries! :D What’s not to love!

Instead of the usual quote to end the post, I’ll post one of my favourite-est videos :)




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  1. The only possible thing not to love are the snakes!


    • I almost like snakes.

      There are people nearby who catch them and release them back into the forest :)

      I haven’t come across poisonous ones yet. I have come across a python.

      Mum tells me a story; somehow a snake got inside the house – the snake was on the rope of my cradle!


  2. I love Kerala, not least because it reminds me of my hometown – Mangalore – that borders your state!


    • Coastal Karnataka is so much like Kerala! I’ve been to Mangalore once, and many other coastal towns across Karnataka, and they remind me of Kerala! :D

      Nature doesn’t follow our political boundaries! She has her own ‘states’ and areas! :)


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