J for Jet Aircraft

Aloha! :)

With much time at hand, I’ve been on a posting spree recently, going at a post a day. I had planned on posting a ‘Things About Me’ post but after an informal freewheeling 90-minute HR interview earlier today morning, I don’t want to speak/write about me in the near future :P This reminds me of late 2010,  when I spent almost a week thinking and writing about myself in my Statement of Purpose. I was ‘fed-up’ of me, after that! Sheesh! :P

Then I remembered Sapna suggesting I join in on the ABC Wednesday. So here it is – My J.

My undergraduate campus borders an Air Force Base. This Air Base hosts a spectacular Air Show every two years. I was on campus for the 2009 and 2011 editions. We loved this time of the year on campus. The show is five days long, but practice and rehearsals would begin a week before. This meant most classes would be cancelled :P Also, we got to see the show without having to buy tickets. Tehehe. ;)

Of all the photos I’ve taken on my campus during my four years there, the picture below is one of my favourites..

Aero India '09
Click to view larger

This was taken during a practice/rehearsal session of the 2009 edition with my mobile phone camera. When I pressed capture, the jet was still in my viewfinder. I am not sure if it was the slowness of my phone or the quickness of the jet, but this is what was captured :D I really like the way this turned out.

One more picture (With some aircraft actually in it :P)

Aero India 2

With the air base around, any picture taken with some sky in it on any day was sure to have a military helicopter or two in it! :P I miss my college! :(:

My next Wednesday with broadband internet access will be in a few months from now. My first entry will remain my only one for a long, long time :( And next Wednesday, I’ll be flying (as a passenger :P) for the very first time. Yay! :)

Aerodynamically, the bumble bee shouldn’t be able to fly, but the bumble bee doesn’t know it so it goes on flying anyway ~ Mary Kay Ash

MAANVisit ABC Wednesday for more entries.

EDIT: Some of my Favourite Js
From The Maple Syrup Mob (Must visit! :) )
From Keyhole Pictures



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  1. WOW! That jetstream looks like a spine!
    Jane x


  2. I can see why, top drawer pictures..;)


  3. I like the pics, but I REALLY like the “I don’t wanna talk about ME'” story.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team


  4. Wow! fantastic selection for J.

    Thanks for taking it up and yes Happy journey! :)


  5. That is a lovely capture of the jet stream! I can never understand how a person decides what a good shot and not so good shot is, just by viewing through the lens!

    Anyway, thanks for the pit stop at my blog too!

    Take care.


  6. Hello.
    Great captures! You must be excited to be flying for the first time? Hope you have a good experience/trip. Thanks for sharing.

    Justified Indulgence


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