Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

I love Weekly Photo Challenges! I love it so much that I’ve extended it from just one post on Fridays to three posts over the weekend! :) Show and Tell SATurdays is where I show a photo and tell the story behind, or related to it. Sunday Sevens is where I explore a favourite format of mine – lists. Both of these posts will (try to) stick to the theme set by the weekly challenge. Do come back over the weekend for more on today’s theme! :)

Greetings! :)

After my, coincidentally, unusual post earlier today at 2 in the morning, here’s my actual entry for this week’s theme – unusual.

Image taken from a bus. Usually, clouds are irregularly shaped. Actually, they always are. Sometimes, our minds convert those unusual shapes into something more usual :) Notice the similarity with the image below? ;)

Wiki India Topography

Check back later today for the SATurday post :)

P.S. If you follow Indian Cricket, click here. If you’re from a country where cricket is on the rise/unpopular/non-existent (esp. Italy and USA), click here; I’d love to read your answers to a couple of questions at the end of that post :)

Today is a most unusual day, because we have never lived it before; we will never live it again; it is the only day we have ~ William Arthur Ward

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  1. Wow! That sky pattern is so crisp and looks amazing! :-)


  2. Hey thank you so much….I am so glad you liked my post :)
    i like your click too :)


  3. That does resemble the India map!!!


  4. The official Indian map! Is there a divine meaning hidden there?


  5. Great post. This was quite unusual. I hope this one resembles, the undivided India’s map. One of the best entry to this week’s challenge.


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