Did You Hear That?! – 2

Have you ever had an urge to share something with the world but it’s too big for a Facebook update or a tweet and too small or insignifcant for a blog post of it’s own? I do, again and again! And this – the Did You Hear That?! series – is my answer to that urge. Collect all those tid-bits and put them in a post. Ingenious, no? :P *Pats Self*

Greetings! :)

There are quite a few ‘ – 1′s on MAdo, it feels good to post a ‘ – 2′ :P

6. Macaulay Culkin

Macaulay Culkin
Image via Wikipedia

Sometime last week, I was watching Home Alone 3 on TV. I wanted some information about the cast, especially the female antagonist, so I looked the movie up on Wikipedia. And that is how I came across the Wiki on Macaulay Culkin. It often takes a shocking statement or two to realise how much *we’ve* grown up! The cute, little, crime-fighting, MJ-video-starring kid got arrested for illegal drug possession, got married, got divorced and is now 31 years old?! What was I doing all this while? Oh my. I am 22! When did I become 22? Weren’t I 16 yesterday? :P Mum says she’d like to see me get married by 27. So 35, it is :P

7. Handle What?

Last year, IndiGo Airlines ran a wonderful TV commercial campaign. They brought it back recently and it’s appearing frequently now. For most of last year, I kept wondering if I was hearing 0:34-0:35 right!

Then I looked up the lyrics and I was.. Oh..

Did you hear what I was hearing all along? :P

8. Geography Class

Earlier this week, most WordPressers would know, WordPress launched an awesome new feature on our stats page – Views by Country.

Views By Country

This is Awesome so many levels. Not only does this serve the the basic purpose of letting us know where our visitors are from (March 2012 onwards), this is also a feel-good feature; what we write from the confines of our walls reaches out to so many countries! Also, it is a wonderful way to improve our knowledge of world geography, yes! I mean, I have a decent idea of the world. I know Oman, Yemen, UAE, Saudi Arabia are all in the Middle East; I know Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia and Peru are all in South America; But I don’t know where *exactly* they are! Some of these, I know now, and will probably never forget! :)

Also, Phew! Canana is so much huger than I thought, now that all of Canada is ‘coloured’. A pretty quiet country for such size. It’s never/rarely in the news, at least this side of the world. It must be pretty peaceful (outside of the hockey matches! :P) I love Canada; Robin Sparkles <3 is from there! xD

9. How to Draw a Great White Shark

It’s been really long since Google introduced the Search By Image feature. I’d never tried it until two days ago. Out of curiosity, I dragged the MAdo Logo to the search bar. Results included ‘Graph showing Swiss Franc and Japanese yen exchange rate from January, 1990′, ‘How to draw a Great White Shark’ (This remind me of Sheamus! xD) and this..

I don’t even.. Wha..?! :D

10. Pottermore

Pottermaniacs across the world rejoice! xD Last week, Pottermore announced that it will be opening it’s gates to everyone in early April this year. This was originally scheduled to happen in October 2011. I might not be around on the internet between late March and June, so it looks like I’ll be the last Potter fan in the world to log in.

Be back with five more sillys as soon as I have five! :P :)

On your journey there up in the air, we’ll handle every hassle ~ xD




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  1. OMG! that cute l’il home alone kid is 31!!

    And yes totally agree with you on the visitors by country break-up thing. It is a very cool feature.

    Reg image search. it is a new feature. give it some time :P


  2. Home alone was one of my fav shows growing up!


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