Sunday Sevens – 1 (Contrast)

Greetings! :)

As written here, after yesterday’s Show And Tell SATurday post,I begin a new list-based series today, Sunday Sevens :) In my last two posts, I referred to it as Sunday Super Sevens, but I decided to drop Super, because it sounded cleaner that way. (Much like how Sean Parker suggested dropping the The in The Facebook :P) As with the SATurday posts, I’ll (try to) stick with the theme set by the Weekly Photo Challenges on Friday. It’s Contrast, this week.

In my WPC post, I used the contrast of colours interpretation. For today’s list, I’m using the differences meaning of contrast. I present the first seven random contrasts that I could think of as I sat down to jot down names for the list. In no particular order..

  Life Before and After Facebook

Mark ZuckerbergWhether we like it or not, life – at least online – has been drastically different after the advent of Facebook. It has redefined social networking and probably paved the way for other niche social networking sites like GetGlue and Pinterest. If one did an iRip Van Winkle from 2006 and woke up now, they’d be wondering what this Blue Thumbs Up button that is practically on every page of the internet, including this one, is. Quoting Entertainment Weekly, “How on earth did we stalk our exes, remember our co-workers’ birthdays, bug our friends, and play a rousing game of Scrabulous before Facebook?” :D I joined Facebook in early 2009. I’ve been on the internet sporadically between 2005 and 2007 and regularly from 2007 onwards. Perhaps someone who has been around on the internet much longer can recall Pre-Facebook days (nostalgically? :P ) :)

  Shilpa Shetty

Shilpa ShettyPossibly Bollywood’s most drastic before-after.

  The Two Dumbledores

The Two Dumbledores
Sir Michael Gambon and Richard Harris, as Dumbledores

There is always bound to be comparison when two persons do the same job. Richard Harris played Dumbledore in the first two Potter movies, despite initially declining the offer. Harris was ill and only took up the role after his granddaughter threatened to never speak to him again, if he didn’t. Sadly, Harris passed away due to his ill health. Sir Michael Gambon played Dumbledore in the remaining six movies. Soon after the third movie released, there were comparisons between the two across the Potterverse, and a large chunk thought Harris played DD best. I think comparison is unfair, so I desist from selecting a “best”. Apart from these two, who would you have loved to see play the big man? I’d have loved to see Robin Williams as the headmaster. I know, that would have *never* happened, as J K Rowling’s requested, when she sold the rights to the movies, that all actors were British.

  Michael Jackson

The legend. I love his music. Out of the current group of music artists, I love Lady Gaga and Katy Perry; And both of them have similar, less drastic before-after contrasts.

  I Don’t Know What To Title This

 It is okay if you can‘t recognise this celebrity. It is me =P These pictures were taken only a few hours apart. It was our farewell day, and the image on the left is me, in the morning. After the short formal ceremony within the campus hosted by the management, most of the students went back to their rooms and homes to get ready for an unofficial er.. afterparty scheduled exclusively for us at a local club. Some classmates and I didn’t do that. Since we were getting to the end of us being together, we went to quite a few places – a mall, to lunch, post-lunch craziness and general stupid-ness :P Before we knew it, it was time to go to the party. I’m not a big fan of parties. I’m the quiet-type and I don’t drink. And my dancing skills are as gracious as that of a cow. Clubbing isn’t my forte! :P I decided to go anyway. And none of us had time to switch over to “party wear”. I’ve never been the trendy one, either. A classmate of mine, worked on me for about 2 minutes and created the right-side version of me :P

One Silly one is allowed per list, okay =P

  Shelley Lubben

Earlier this week, I came across the story of Shelley Lubben and The Pink Cross Foundation. Lubben is a former porn star. She quit the industry and now heads The Pink Cross Foundation, a faith-based non-profit organisation that helps porn actors quit the industry and in bringing the ‘secrets behind the fantasies’ to the fore. For more on this, click here.

Siddharth Mallya

While the last entry represented a strong emotional contrast, Sid Mallya’s is that of a physical contrast. Sid, son of the Indian Liquor and Airline Baron Vijay Mallya, is Director of Royal Challengers Bangalore, a professional T20 cricket team playing in the Indian Premier League. It is my home team xD Go RCBees! <3 Look at Mallya Jr’s before and after! :)

That’s the seven. A very random list, yes, but they all had elements of contrast, yes?

Also, if you look at the sidebar on the right you’ll notice a schedule! xD This, from someone who struggled to get a post a month until recently :P Too many posts? That’s okay, I might not be able to post anything between April and July. Plus, quite a lot of free time :)

Change always comes bearing gifts ~ Price Pritchett

P. S. Some Images from the free domain; some not. Non-free-domain images copyright of their respective owners :)




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  1. Strangely the two dumbledores look alike..


  2. Haha! some of your posts made me gasp! lol. the pictures. like shilpa shetty .. Phew!!


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