Show And Tell SATurdays – 1

Greetings! :)

With this post, as said in yesterday’s post, I begin a new photo-based series – Show And Tell SATurdays :) I will be posting a photo taken by me (unless otherwise mentioned) and sharing a story, event or incident associated with it. Since I take part in the Weekly Photo Challenges by DailyPost (and love it!) on Fridays, these Saturday posts will (try to, as much as possible) stick to the theme of the week. With another new series – Sunday Super Sevens – set to begin tomorrow, which will also play by the theme, I hope to conquer the World Wide Web with my Wonderful WordPress Weekends =P Tehehehe.

At the outset, I’d like to make it clear that I’m not a photographer. So you’ll be getting amateur-ish photos (but wonderful stories :P) :) The theme of this week is contrast.

Kaiwara Survey Camp
Click on image to view full size (1600 x 1200)

In semester VI of our undergraduate course – two years ago – we were required to complete five academic projects. Three of these were outside of our campus, in Kaivara, a small town about 65 kilometers from the city. For five days, we collected data, surveyed rugged terrain and in the process, had much fun! :) Overall, the fifteen days – five here, and ten back on campus – would give fodder for a million (okay, around a hundred :P ) hand-drawn A1/A0 drawings and a 250-odd page report. It was one of my best semesters; It would turn out to be my best academic performance, I was back on talking terms with my best friend, after us being indifferent to each other for over ten months and it was generally happy, after a torrid fifth semester.

On our first evening at Kaivara, some of us went trekking. We reached the summit just in time to catch the sunset, as seen in the picture above. I can identify almost everyone in that picture from the Kaivara 2silhouettes. A few years is a long time in terms of developing  familiarity! :) The person standing in the picture on the left is our Albus Dumbledore! xD He was the head of our department at that time. Much like the Hogwarts Headmaster, Dr. KM was an excellent teacher, a wonderful motivator, a true inspiration, and very enigmatic. And much like the Hogwarts Headmaster who had to quit office for no fault of his, Dr. KM too had to leave, under unclear circumstances, soon after this camp. Unlike Dumbledore, he did not return. He even looked quite a lot like DD; the only thing missing was a beard and half-moon spectacles! =P

During the course of our stay, our food and boarding was in a facility maintained by, and within the premises, of a peaceful temple. Quite a lot happened within our rooms. We’ll save that for later. Or let’s just say What happens in Kaivara, stays in Kaivara! :P

The Temple

By the end of the semester, I had grown to dislike drawing. I’d always liked all my engineering drawing subjects, but the 100+ A0 drawings I had to draw made sure I didn’t go near pencils and sheets for the next few weeks after the submissions :P But since then, I’ve grown to miss drawing. It was the fun-est subject with the fun-est classes.

I Miss This. Very Much.

I don’t miss the drawing exams, though. They were the stress-est! :\ I don’t think I could attempt any of my drawing papers for the full one hundred marks. There are only two (sometimes three) questions and an extra hour – four – but that still wouldn’t seem to be enough.

Indifference and neglect often do much more damage than outright dislike ~ Albus Dumbledore

All images taken with a mobile phone cameraMAAN
Some images were part of the post 8,142 Words
Some images edited with Picasa


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