Bleh is now Much Ado About Nothing!

Greetings! :)

I’ve always felt posts on my blog, Bleh, had been much ado about nothing. Now it’s official; After 19 months and 45 posts, Bleh is now Much Ado About Nothing! xD We’ll call it MAdo for short. Look, MAdo even has it’s own Logo and all =P

So far, the blog header had been the blog mascot, The Dog in the Hole in the Ground. (If you’re interested to know more about the dog, and the name Bleh, click here :) ) Now, MAdo will (randomly) feature three headers – The mascot, the logo and my Gravatar Image. (Hey, the author needs some attention, too, right? =P ) My gravatar image, like the logo, was drawn by me using MS Paint. Zero artistic skills offline, though.

I’m not entirely sure why I did this er.. cosmetic rebranding – the theme earlier, and now this. It isn’t all cosmetic, though. I started taking part in the Weekly Photo Challenges a month ago and I love everything about it. Not only is it fun, it helps one discover many awesome blogs and make new friends. I now look forward to Friday nights like never before! :) It also brings one’s own blog more attention. As much as I say I write for the satisfaction writing brings, a little appreciation is always welcome! ;)

I’ll be starting two new weekly series this weekend onwards – Show And Tell SATurdays and Sunday Sevens. The former will be a photo series where I’ll be showing a photo I like and then telling the story associated with it. SATurdays. Am I not Punny? Tehehe =P The latter is where I’ll be posting in a format I love the most. Lists. I love writing lists. There are already quite a lot of lists on MAdo. This series will showcase seven of my favourites from the theme each week. I’ll try maintaining a single theme between the Friday Weekly Challenges, the SATurdays and Sunday Sevens. It might be difficult, given how abstract the WPC topics have been of late. I’ll try, though :)

I’d love to know what you think of the changes. And, please do come back every weekend for the Wonderful MAdo Weekends! ;) (My dad is in advertising =P I love advertising; I sometimes channel surf for ads :P)

Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing, but nobody else does ~ Steuart Henderson Britt

Last Updated: 14 March 2012



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  1. Nice! I liked ‘Bleh’ too, and I like ‘MADo’ too! ^_^
    Also the photo challenge sounds very interesting. Been following your PC-related posts from the starting and I think I maybe taking it up too!
    Also lists <3


  2. Or not maybe, considering it is a WordPress thing :|


    • No, no, no! Please do participate. It is a WordPress initiative, yes, but participation is in no way limited to WordPressers. I have come across many non-WP WPC posts.

      After all, blogging is like..

      We’re all making the same journey.. on different trains.. :P :)


  3. Okay. :) But where do I get the theme for each Friday? And any hashtag thing here to tie all the post by different posters together?


    • Follow this blog –>

      Check around 11 p.m. every Friday for the week’s theme. You can explore the various entries through the comments under the relevant post.

      The tag used is “Weekly Photo Challenge”. I am not sure about Blogger’s features, but I can follow tags on WP. I follow that tag. That’s another way to share, and find WPC posts.

      Today’s theme is Contrast :)


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