Wleeky Photo Callnehge: Distorted

Greetings! :)

When something happens exactly at a predefined interval and one looks forward to that something, one tends to measure time as a function of that interval, right? I do that a lot. When I was a (Harry Potter obsessed) teen, I used to write Potter Fan Fiction. I looked forward to each Saturday, the day I published a new chapter. Years later, on a much much lower level of obsession, Friday has replaced Saturday, and Weekly Photo Challenges has replaced fan fiction. I posted the previous challenge on Tuesday, as I was away over the weekend. And it’s time for another challenge just 3 days later; I feel like a week has passed! Time got Distorted! ;)

Oh well, it’s a *photo* challenge, not a fiction one. Enough prose. let’s bring on the photos! :)

The first one isn’t distorted per se, but..

SmilieCrylieOn a lovely monsoon evening, sitting in my favourite seat – extreme left, last row –  I drew a smilie on the rear windshield of the bus. That was in 2009 and it was a terrible year for me. I was academically at my peak but I was ‘battling’ almost severe depression. The smilie started crying, befitting my state of mind. Haha, I remember murmuring to myself “Oh you poor, poor bastard. Even your smilies are depressed!” xD But looking back at those memories now, it’s funny. I find depressed me funny, yes. Time has a way of distorting memories, no? :)

The second one isn’t distorted per se either :P (This is my fourth WPC submission and I think only one of the other three were actually directly related to the topic. Le sigh. :\ )

SAMPS ReunionScientifically, distortion can be defined as the alteration of the original shape or other characteristic of an object, image, sound, waveform or other form of.. So growth is a type of Distortion, yes? :)

It’s always nice when you get to meet your old friends, to blissfully talk over a cup of coffee, to relive the past through rose-tinted glasses, to laugh out loud at those very memories that terrified us a decade ago. Yes, time has a way of distorting memories. :)

(Tehehe.. that last paragraph sounds like something Mary Alice Young would say at the end of a Desperate Housewives episode. Okay then, read it in her slow, soothing voice with a poignant score in the background! ;) )

Things that were hard to bear are sweet to remember ~ Seneca

EDIT: Some of my favourite Distorted posts

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EDIT – 03 March 2012: I’ve enable Share buttons now – Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and WordPress. Please to use them and slightly inflate my ego! :P Tehehe..



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  1. very cool what you put up this week


  2. callnehge = distorted orthography = nice idea!


  3. Great post. Love the photos. Glad you’re able to smile and find humor in life. :-)
    Thanks so much for the pingback. Much appreciated.


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