Movie Recommendation: The Band’s Visit

Greetings :)

Impulse post, this.

I was channel-EPG surfing when ‘The Band’s Visit’ on UTV World Movies caught my eye. I cannot express in words how much I love this movie. I’ve watched it a dozen times already, and I’m still watching the current telecast. It does not seem to lose it’s charm.

Before I tell you anything about the movie, I recommend you watch the trailer.

:) Does that not make you watch it already? If yes, then the purpose of this post is served. Don’t read ahead. Just go buy the movie/order it online NOW! :)

Whenever I recommend movies to friends, like in this earlier post (in which this movie is one of the seven), I don’t like describing much about the movie. I’d rather watch a movie knowing nothing about it, and be surprised. You can get wonderfully written synopsis of the movie on Wikipedia and on IMDB. I’m only trying to get you to watch it! :P So ctrl-c ctrl-v-ing from my earlier post:

This is, according to me, aesthetically, the best movie ever made (that I’ve watched, of course). Barely missing out on an Oscar nomination in the Best Foreign Film category because more than 50% of the dialogue was in English, which is a shame really because 50% of the movie is silent, this Israeli film should be on your Movies to watch before I Die list if you have one. I have one ;) Watch the movie, and if you do not agree with me that the Post-Roller-Skating Scene in the movie is the most romantic, sweet, comedic and aww-able scene all rolled into one, I might just kill you.. =P

This is the roller-coaster scene. (No spoilers, but if you’d rather watch it in the context of the movie and go aww.. don’t watch it now :) This is *the* heartmelt-iest part of the film. )

I’d rather know what ‘normal people’ thought of the film, rather than what critics thought of it, so I’ll end this post with some viewer responses from across the interwebs.

“I think the woman in this movie is so beautiful. Not fake like so many of the blonde bimbos we have in our movies over here…” ~ bluedahlia409, YouTube Top Comment
(Tehehe, yes, Ronit Elkabetz is a beautiful woman indeed)

“ would expect it to be about the israeli-arab conflict, but instead this theme never comes up – as if there has never been a conflict. this movie shows us the alternative to the hatred & bickery we have created today. it’s like a dream that can come true, if we want it to come true. Salam!” ~ nooralayam, YouTube Comment

“not an Egyptian police uniform,not a perfect Egyptian accent by Palestinian actors.misses the Alexandrian ‘ayoooh’ loool. Still I’m looking forward to watch this movie” ~ adoh2020, YouTube Comment


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  1. I watched this film few years ago, it was great, one of a kind.

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