Top 11 of ’11

The third most read post on Bleh, Top 10 of ’10, began with these lines..

Seasons Greetings Snaily, Pallav, Visky, Cheetah Fairy, Subaru-Girl, Vikram and Random-Google-Search-Guy! XD

(I don’t think anyone else visits my blog :P)

This year too, I’m going to address my entire audience for my favourite post of the year. So,

Greetings Random-Google-Search-Guy! xD

It’s almost scary, the parallels between the times at which the 2010 and 2011 review posts were/are written.

Now that I am done with my exams, I spend most of my time (a) Sleeping (b) Watching ‘Phineas and Ferb’ or ‘Burn Notice’; (c) Re-reading, for only the three millionth time, Harry Potter and (d) Doing Nothing for a few days because I have a ‘busy’ Jan 2011 :\

Now that I am in between jobs, I spend most of my time (a) Sleeping (b) Watching ‘Faith and Hope’ or ‘Outsourced’; (c) Trying to finish a book I started reading in July 2011 (d) Doing Nothing for a few days because I may have a ‘busy’ March 2012 :\

Er.. Okay, This is my “What I Will Remember 2011 For” list.

11. Bella & Bleh

For those uninitiated to the World Wide Weird World of the author of this blog (:P), Bella is my Laptop. B̶o̶u̶g̶h̶t̶, No, Brought home a day before Valentine’s Day 2011, Bella was just another nameless electronic device until GRE Goddess taught me the magic of a VBScript Script file and asked me if it was a boy or a girl? *She* was christened Bella xD

Bleh is my third attempt at Blogging. The first two attempts, circa 2006 and 2008, had a grand total of two blog posts between them. The third attempt has 35 posts in 17 months. I think it is safe to call it an “odd success”. (Quantitatively, at least, if not Qualitatively xD )

Yes, #11 is what happens when you have a list with 11 items but material only for 10! =P It’s going to get better as we count down to the top three (It can’t possibly get any worse, anyway =P ) Keep reading, there is an awesome video towards the end. No, don’t skip everything and go there now. Sigh. :P

Related Facebook Update: ~ Ladies and Gentlemen, I found my Zuper-Beautiful Valentine – a HP G42 XD ;) :P

10. (More) Twitter

Twitter is the only one to appear in both the 2010 (#8) and 2011 lists. So far, the forever part of September 17 to Forever 27 is holding true ;) Twitter continued to provide much fun, frolic and new friendships [Today is Friday! #FF my 2011 Follows ;) @Siriusly_Preets @JediKhare @Dreamcatcher310 @Karma_lies @wraith_ness @MissBlurrii  @wraith_ness @Art_Koala* @vlanoa @NirBuddhi ] throughout the year. Plus, an outlet for all my terrible, terrible jokes. Look, I *just* made one there –

~ 52 to win off 35, 2 wkts in hand. If SL win this, I promise to upload a video of me singing “We found win in a hopeless chase” =P #AusvSL

9. Semester VIII – The Beginning of the End – I (February 07 – June 06)

~ Quoting a Quintessential Quote by a Quotable Qutie :P, Snehal Surve – It’s our “Beginning of the End” Tomorrow :)

And thus began the final lap of the Undergrad Marathon! (Wait.. Marathons don’t have laps, do they? :P) Definitely *the* best semester of ’em all, it had a project that ensured we spent much of our times outside the classroom, 72 seminars, a Faculty Development Programme, Entrepreneurship Week, Eco Week, XIV Intercollegiate Athletic Meet (our Superbowl :P) hosted by my college, College Photo Session Day, Twin day, an awesome class tour of UK (Uttara Kannada! ;) ) all of which ensured we spent most of the time outside of class =P

Of course, it was also one giant photo session from Feb 7 to Jun 6, especially by the girls =P

Meanwhile, in Australia..

(From 52 off 35 with *1* wicket in hand to Nerve wracking last over – 6 off 3, I almost had to sing. Wow 0_0)

~ Phew. I don’t have to sing by 5 runs. #AusvSL

Let’s digress from our list for a while to give away some er.. awards ;) (Golden Blehs? =P)

(Heart)Breakthrough Performance of the Year: This. xD Yes, I liked it, and her. A lot. =P

Even more awesome, is this. Katy Perry <3 (My New Music Interest of the Year, KP! ;) )

We’ll be back with more cringe-able awards later in the countdown. (I think I lost my readers at Friday! :P)

8. #VolunteeringMAX (January – July)

Unusually high number of Volunteering sessions happened in 2011. A rough count shows over 90 days of volunteering across around a dozen events, all of which were much enjoyable – especially the Athletic Meet and FDP mentioned in #9.

Also, after a 2 year stint, I steeped down as General Secretary of St. Jude Youth Association in June, 2011. I’ve *so* much to be thankful for during those years, I’ve learnt so much. Much fun, too – Dog Chase and Chilli Ice Cream Adventures aside. ;)

7. Home and Away Series (July 18 Onwards)

I was mostly using my home as a guest house for most of 2011 :P With the first half spent away on travel and volunteering, and second half away on work. I spent roughly a fortnight at home since July 18.

I’ve been a day scholar throughout my 18 years of education. That meant me leaving home for work would be my first time I would be living on my own. That was quite an experience, yes. I liked it more than I expected :)

More on my two places of stay since 18/7 here and here (Earlier Posts).

Moar awards.

Earworm of the Year – I’ve had, as usual, a Kazillion songs stuck in my head last year, none for a longer duration than Chammak Challo! SRK <7 ;)

Here’s Chammak Challo in a way you’ve probably never seen before. Presenting, YouTube Find of the Year –


6. Harry Potter Live! – The Beginning of the End – II (July 07, 15)

The July 7 UK premiere  of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II was broadcast live (spectacularly, at that) on YouTube. Thanks to the magic of Live-Tweeting (:P), it was as if us Twitter-Potter-Nuts ( @Art_Koala @SnaZiness @Siriusly_Preets and me ) were all in the same room. I can’t put into words how amazing those few hours were. Probably the best use of Broadband and YouTube since I got Internet at home! :)

A week later, First Day First Show happened. The End of Childhood.

5. #NewPlacesMAX (April 16 – 20, July 9 – 14, December 02 – 04; March 11, 19, 21,  April 07)

Much travelling happened last year – Gokarna, Yana, Murudeshwara, Kerala – Tamilnadu, Madikeri, Mysore.. Even within my hometown, Bangalore, the nature of my Project took me to places I hadn’t been to before – BDA Office, BBMP Office, GKVK, SHOWS, The Lalit Ashok (Teheheh xD), IISc etc..

May I have MOAR travel in 2012! #SelfBlessing! :P

Back to the Awards thingy, Heartmelty Dance Diva of the year – By default, this is always Shakira! xD Since Shakira had a rather quiet 2011, I think I’ll present this to.. Katrina Kaif! :) <7

New Celeb Crushes of the Year – Dr. Elliot Reid/Sarah Chalke <7 (Scrubs), Dani Venn (MasterChef Australia), April Ludgate/Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Recreation), Ellie Paxton-Hall (MasterChef Australia)

4. LOO Admits. A Scottish one, too (January 21, March 06, October 04)

The results of #1 from the 2010 list xD

Rutgers, The State University of New York – Jan 21
Michigan State University – Mar 06
University of Strathclyde, Glasgow – Oct 04

:) I don’t want to talk much about this.

LOO = Land of Opportunities = USA. From the Genuis Mind of GRE Goddess, kids. xD

3. This. _/\_ (April 02)

WE ARE WORLD CHAMPIONS!!! x (This was the first to go on this list. Kinda like how Rahul Dravid <7 is automatically #3 in our test team! ;) :P )

Related FB Update ~ India. Pakistan. March 30. :D (March 30, Coincidentally, happens to be the day when the whole class is scheduled to fall sick! :P :P XD)

I think I spent more time putting the eleven in the right order than in writing this. I still cannot decide between 1 and 2. Much interchangeable, both :)

2. The End – Graduation (June 25)

“There are 815 *Extremely* Happy, Can’t-stop-smiling people in SMVIT right now. ‘It’s over!’ XD XD XD” ~ FB Update
Mount Undergrad; Ascent Began - September 2007; Mount Conquered - June 2011! :P

That feeling, *THAT* feeling when you’ve given the sixty-eighth exam, the last, and you walk out of the exam room. :)

Pliss to go through this album titled ‘Fourier Memories’. Tehehe. #MathJoke.

Last award. The big one. Goddess of the Year 2011. *Drumroll*

Lady Gaga! :)

And, Finally.. Numero Uno.. *Higher Pitched Drumroll*

1. Career – The Beginning of the Beginning! :P ;) (July 18)

First job post graduation, of course. More info here, here and here (earlier posts).

Ah yes, I kinda ran through the last part of this post. Close to nine hours, writing this blog post took! Hence :)

“What are you going to do after your CA, ma?” “I’m thinking of getting married”. Me – 1, Relatives – 0 ~ @lavsmohan

BJP said Congress killed democracy. Now Congress says BJP murdered democracy. At least no one’s denying that it’s dead ~ @rameshsrivats

PJ of the day. If you’re a Maharashtrian, your mom’s cell phone automatically becomes Aai Phone ~ @MaddoMomo

On a more amused note, it was 15C in the lecture hall and is 37C outside; I think CS 1 is trying to Pasteurize us. ._. ~ @athuface

Post it from Bro: CLEAN YOUR ROOM NOW!!! Post it back to him: I DONT TAKE ORDERS FROM A YELLOW GLUE STRIP :P ~ @wraith_ness

Pah! RT “: God does. :p “: Nobody cares for us atheists feelings!”” ~ @iKaveri

2011 will also be remembered as the year we lost @Art_Koala. We miss you.



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  2. Zuper! =)

    Also, I can’t get enough of the Mallu video! :D


  3. Je is happy because Je is mentioned here because Je was mentioned in a post last year. :’)


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