~ Seven.

Greetings! :)

An Impluse post again, after quite a long time.. (Top) Seven Goddesses.Can you name all seven, in order? :) They’re in order, you only need to identify who is Numero Uno! ;)

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Three better-planned (:P) posts soon – A Tour of Madikeri post (my first Travel writing attempt), Fifteen More Random Things About Me (sequel to this Blockbuster =P) and  Top 11 of ’11 (much like Top 10 of ’10). Come back soon! =P

I want my fans to love themselves. It’s almost like I want to hypnotize them so when they hear my music they love themselves instantly ~ Lady Gaga

I was set free because my greatest fear had been realized, and I still had a daughter who I adored, and I had an old typewriter and a big idea. And so rock bottom became a solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life ~ J K Rowling


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