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Greetings =)

I know Photography on a Facebook or Twitter bio is now beginning to be looked upon with cynicism xD I am NOT a photographer. Here I present eight random pictures from my favourites list. These were all taken with my cellphone cameras as I, still, don’t own a regular camera. (I do plan on getting one by the end of the year, though). Some of these pictures have been edited a tad using Picasa. Hope you like them, too :)

Click on the pictures for full-size view.

Rainy Eve; VTU Athletics Meet 2011, SMVIT
Kaiwara Survey Camp
UG Semester VI Survey Camp, Day 1 – Sunset atop a Peak
Petro Dawn
Dawn at Petrol Station en route to Gokarna
Crying Smilie – Doodle on Rear Windshield, Bus #7, SMVIT.
Kerala July 2009
Kerala. Heaven. #Sameguy
Kerala July '09
Cricket at Home in Kerala :)
Kudle Beach, Gokarna
Kudle Beach, Gokarna
Kaiwara Survey Camp 2
UG Semester VI Survey Camp, Day 1 – On the way back down the peak..


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  1. They’re beautiful! =)


  2. Oh WOW – these are good – really, really good. So I guess you ARE a photographer then !!! And thanks for the link on ‘Regret’


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