‘Learn While You Earn’ =P

Greetings! :)

These past three months have been a great Learning Experience. To the tune of this, it’s been Naya Ghar! Nayi Naukri! Naya Dost! Purani Gaadi!” =P Okay, I know. #Fail. Nayi Naukri has taught me a lot of things – both Technical and otherwise. In this post, with a wee bit of exaggeration, I mention some of them.


A majority of the Engineer-Labour Force communication is in Hindi and almost 100% of the intra-labour force communication is in Odiya. I felt like I was in a really long episode of Pingu for the first few days at work :P This, indeed, was my primary issue of concern when I took up the job. I can understand Hindi, it’s just that I haven’t had *that* many Hindi-speaking friends growing up. So my Hindi *speaking* skills are terrible-ish.

It’s much, much better now – three months later. I can speak Hindi almost-fluently. The only trouble I still have (and this I was struggling with even in School) is the concept of inanimate things having gender! :P Bleh. Also, Thanks Pulse, for correcting “Naya Ghar! Naya Naukri! Naya Dost! Purana Gaadi!” to “Naya Ghar! Nayi Naukri! Naya Dost! Purani Gaadi!”

I’ve also managed to learn (rather unintentionally and unwillingly) Kanindiyalamlish. I speak in Kannada to my Project Engineer and one fellow Engineer, in Hindi to the Labour Force, in English to my Vice-President, Project Manager and a couple of fellow Engineers, in Tamil and Malayalam to the rest of the Engineers. This is good, linguistically, but the frustrating thing is, at crucial times, I just get stuck. I just lose track of which language I’m speaking in and end up saying stuff that is a mashed-up version of multiple languages which I’m not sure makes any sense, in the end! :\ .. :P

I’ve also expanded my Odiya vocabulary to one word – Aso. xD It is fun to shout “ASO! ASO!” out loud. It almost sounds like I’m swearing! :P Speaking of Odiya, one of the younger ones at my work place has taken to saying “Felix Saare! askdlask ksdkla lks kas aas klsk asd as skadkpa kjsdk” and running away. He *must* be abusing me! Heh. xD


My job does include a lot of documentation. And that involves a lot of Photocopying. This, working a photocopy machine, is probably the best thing I’ve learnt at work :P It’s fun. And hey, you never know when it might come in handy. One bad recession and you lose your job? Never worry. Engineering colleges are sprouting up like mushrooms everywhere. All you need to do is put up a Xerox Shop nearby. We engineering students are a lazy lot, no? There’s probably just one or two in a class who write the notes neatly. Everyone else just takes photocopies. Some of us are so lazy that we even procrastinate taking photocopies up to the exam week.

So, never worry about a job when you know how to operate a photocopy machine. Heavy Business is guaranteed at least twice a year – June/July and December/January. =P

It is Possible to Forget your Own Name!

This October, I ended up working for 21 days in a row – including a National Holiday and a few Sundays. Apparently, possible side effects include forgetting one’s own name! Here’s what happened: On the 21st day, an extra-tired/sleepy me rides up to the security cabin; Staff Entry Book in one hand (Site is still new, so the card-swipe-thingy is yet to be installed) and my pen in the other. I stared at the book for about 30 seconds, looked to my right and asked one of the security guys – “Bhaiya, Mera Naam Kya Hai?” xD I swear I’m not making this up! =D

I guess this is what happens when someone works for over 55 days in a span of 60 days xD

The odds of going to the store for a loaf of bread and coming out with only a loaf of bread are three billion to one

I used this Erma Bombeck quote as my end-of-post quote, in a metaphorical way, in a previous post. In this post, I use it literally. Well-organised Shops are Evil. They make you buy things you don’t need! :P Must. Control. Spending. Urges! =P

I have no funny, interesting or thought provoking quote to go with this post ~ Felix Sebastian =P



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  1. Lmao. How entertaining! I completely believe there are times you forget your own name :P I forget yours too XD remember. ???

    What does Osa Osa mean? Can I yell at random people? I wonder! :P

    In totality lovely post. Heheheehehehee


  2. Had a good laugh. I can understand the ‘aso’ part which kinda gets into the ears :P


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