#MemoryBlastMax! =P

Greetings! :)

This post was not supposed to be the next one on the Blog. There’s a post titled Work 1.0, Bunstel 2.0 that’s been in the Drafts folder since 01 September. And over nine days, I’ve managed to add only 214 words :\ It’s a combination of lack of time and wild mood swings while writing. In fact, that post is supposed to be about said mood swings =P But then, I have to satisfy my urge to write something, too. So here it is – an easy way out. From my past experiences, I know lists are the easiest to write ;) Presenting, Bleh’s sixth list-based post (And 25th overall, excluding the four pages. Some Landmark, eh? :P).

I stumbled upon the Original Pokémon Theme while surfing the web listlessly (=P) earlier today. That was a #MemoryBlastMax, as they (I) say on Twitter :P And here we are, about to list some of the videos that remind me of my childhood. Hope you have an unlimited-usage Broadband connection, or an incredibly active imagination as a substitute =P (Grew up in a typical Middle Class Family, so I’m sure you’ll be able to relate to most of these.)

In no particular order,

ϟ Full House

My Favourite-est Sitcom of all time, yes! <3 I think Full House  is the first sitcom I started watching regularly, and perhaps my first exposure to English TV shows. FH originally aired between 1987-1995; I saw it during the reruns on Zee English in the Early-Mid ’00s. I remember hurrying up, and sometimes running, on the way back home from school so I could catch the show.

I used to think of Uncle Jesse, along with another person down the list, as *the* epitome of Coolness xD And Kimmy Gibbler, of course, The odd-ball we all love, predecessor to Luna Lovegood and Phoebe Buffay! :D Coming to think of it, Michelle is pretty much like the other Michelle (Michhli) I know =P

Sigh. They don’t make shows like they used to – Who’s The Boss?, Mind Your Language, Diff’rent Strokes, ALF, I Dream of Jeannie, Whose Line Is It Anyway?..

ϟ Pokémon

Of course. It was either this or Dragon Ball Z. I liked Pokémon as much as I despised Dragon Ball Z. I’m not sure why :D There was a time when I could recite names of all 150(?) Pokémon. Ah, well, that was before another Po replaced this Po. #Potter =P

ϟ Dance! xD

This might come as a surprise to most of you – There was a time when my ungainly body could dance! xD I remember dancing to these two songs, one in my Primary, and the other in my Middle School. Even now, I cannot help smiling stupidly when I come across these songs on TV.

xD And,

I recall some more occasions I’ve danced on, throughout my schooling, but I can’t recall all those songs :\

BONUS Picture! =P

ϟ SJIHS Anthem <3

Of all the schools I’ve been to, SJIHS (3 Years) is the one that has the best memories! From being the home of Goddess Ma’am #2, Awesome Library that introduced me to Enid Blyton and Pottermaniac friends that grew, and sustained, the Pottermania in me, SJIHS was, and still is, my Hogwarts! ;) #PotterOverdose =P

The pride I still feel when I see *others* in my School Uniform, and every time I play the Anthem in my head – indescribable!

(SJBHS, our sister institute, is in the video. Couldn’t find a video for SJIHS :\ We share the anthem; All Josephite Institutes do :) Our version was a little more.. zesty.. though! =P )

ϟ Old Ads!

I have told you I love ads slightly more than regular people do, right? If you don’t know this ad, you deserve to be Crucio-ed :P


xD Oh those classic Hardy Boys v Edge & Christian TLC matches, Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan. Typical 90s kid. Yep. These day I find WWE while skipping thorough the channels, and I ask myself – Who are these kids? =P

Keeping in line with my tendency of sympathizing with Bad Guys, I used to love Triple H when he was one. I remember my HPANA screen name being The Game for sometime! xD And the Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels – the other Epitome of Coolness mentioned earlier!

“Peoples Balcony” xD Hehe! My brother and me would fake wrestle on our beds as kids. Don’t try this at Home. Yes. Don’t :P

While researching videos for this post on YouTube, I spent about 45 Minutes going through all the Awesome Entrance Videos! Haven’t we all wished we all had one! xDb

ϟ TV Video Games

_/\_ What would most boys’ childhood be without these Japanese Games!?! xD

ϟ Backstreet and Venga! <3 =P

I was just getting into listening to English songs during the late ’90s and the early ’00s. Judge me all you want, but this was, I think, one of my first favourite songs! xD

ϟ Harry Potter

Of course. If I say anything more, you’ll hit me because of #PotterOverdose! =P

I wonder what I’ll write about, in a similar post, about 20-25 years from now. Hehe.

Nostalgia is like a grammar lesson: you find the present tense, but the past perfect!  ~ Owens Lee Pomeroy

1990 -1999 : World’s Best Decade ~ Felix Sebastian =P

This post is dedicated to the Memory of, amongst other things, Floppy Disks, Pagers, Tape-recorders and Congestion-Free roads in Bangalore and Nice Cartoons. May you all comeback, someday! :)

Oh, Floppy Disks remind me of something we Eco Club Members did in College! xD

Old Floppy = New IDs!
Hardy Boys Image Courtesy http://images.kaneva.com/filestore5/3549212/4158395/hardyboys.jpg


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  1. Rofl. Omg. *thumps up* they jus don’t make those shows anymore. Agreed. I used to love mind your language. This post is joyous. :P


  2. peekaa pee !!
    #memoryblastmax truely !! :D


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