Academy Avengers xD

Greetings! :)

Welcome to my first Post-Childhood blog post =P Hehe, it’s been fun (so far).

Before I jump into the typical first-month-at-work post, there are two Birthdays to be celebrated. This blog turned one on the Eighth of this month. And Bella (My Laptop. Yes, yes, it has a name. Ever since GRE Goddess found out it was a girl, I’ve called her Bella :P) turned half today =P (14th. The date changed as I was drafting this =) ) Bleh got its 1000th hit too. Oo, and First Salary too. Very landmark-y month. ;)

Also, Someone whom I sent a TOEFL tips and links mail to, last year, replied saying that it was helpful. That felt good. “PS: You write really well. You should try being a blogger / writer (at least part time)” felt even better! xD Heeeeee! I write, not because I am good at it, but because it makes me happy :) Honestly, I don’t think I’m good at this. How I got even a 1000 hits over 23 posts, I’ll never know! :D

Okay, the Work Stuff. Since I started, and for another week or so, I will be at the Academy. We have a bridge-course kinda thingy there – bridging the gap between the University and Industry. It’s uber-useful, yes. And Fun, because we’ll be spending eleven hours a day outdoors after this. Right now, it’s 9 hours in an Air Conditioned room xD

So apart from the technical stuff, we have had a ton of stuff to do. It’s been super nice. Here are some of my Favourites.

1. The Bunstel Life

Bunstel = Bungalow + Hostel :P It started off as a twitter term I used to refer to where half of us are put up during the weekdays. Now it’s stuck; I call it Bunstel all the time xD It is a two floor 3BHK house and it’s my first experience of a Hostel Life. :) Fun, it is. Except in the mornings, of course :P We hardly spent time there though – mostly just the sleeping time. You’ll know why as you read.

2. Badminton

The academy has superb sporting and gaming facilities – Badminton, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Chess, Carrom and Scrabble. I’ve fallen in love with the first sport. Before turning up at the academy, I’ve played a grand total of four badminton games in 21 years. And I’ve lost them all. At the academy, I have played for at least 30 hours in the last four weeks. I may not have added much to the winning column (:P) But I do love playing it. And I’ve been getting less and less bad at it with every game. A special mention  here to my colleague and room mate – Nithesh Nitin – who is, effectively, my coach. I am absolutely sure if some one else were teaching me, that person would have murdered me by now for my slowness at improving at the game =P

But then again, Badminton is like Writing for me – I’m not really good at it, but I love it nonetheless :)

3. Yoga

I did not expect my job profile to include waking up at around 6 for Yoga every morning. :P The academy is headed by a retired Colonel and he, and another person, teaches us Yoga, apart from other things. I must admit I didn’t really like it in the beginning but I’ve grown to like some, only some of the stuff being taught :P My body isn’t flexible enough for this stuff :\ The breathing exercises are my favourite; No bending involved =P

4. Friends and Night Outs

What do you get when the Bunstel has Two Cars and Three Bikes parked outside? Frequent Night Outs! xD From a Colleague’s Band – Flee – playing at Toit to watching Rise of the Planet of the Apes (ROT-POTA, as the just-mentioned-colleague put it :P) and Final Destination 5 in 3D, even a car er.. accident, one month has just flown by. I am not making this up: I have known my colleagues for only four weeks. But it feels like I’ve known them for four years in college. That is how close we are. Or I am, at least. I tend to be clingy-ier than the others, so I don’t know about the rest :P :)

I’ve more to tell, I’ll try to include all of it in the next post :)

It’s been Super Learning between 9 and 6 and Insane Fun between 6 and 9 ;) Too bad it’s all coming to an end way too soon. Just over a week left before all of us are dispersed throughout the country. :(

The odds of going to the store for a loaf of bread and coming out with only a loaf of bread are three billion to one ~ Erma Bombeck ;)

People who snore always fall asleep first ~ Anonymous #BunstelLife Confirms =P

Don’t be dismayed at Goodbyes
A Farewell is before you can meet again
And meeting again after a Moment or
A lifetime is certain for those who
are friends :)

– Richard Bach

P.S. Avengers is what the Sports team of the Academy is called during the Organisation’s Competitions. Yep. We made a list of Awesome names from Bulls to Kings and we picked this. Yep.



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