If Harry Potter were a series of Bollywood Films..

Greetings Again! xD

This post started as a series of tweets and I thought Khan Karan Kajolputting it all in one place would be better. You read the title, now to jump right into it, without much of an introduction.

(I must tell you that I’m not much of a Bollywood-Movie watcher. So I only know the popular actors)

If Harry Potter were a series of Bollywood Films and I were in charge of the casting..

Just for the awesome chemistry between The King Khan and Kajol, and the friendship between him and Karan Johar, I’d pick Shah Rukh Khan, Karan and Kajol as Harry, Ron and Hermione :D (Then, Khan Karan Kajol aur Maut Ke Tohfe, no? =P) Also as a friend responded, *Imagines Karan and Kajol as a couple* *Dies with laughter* :P

(Of course, we’re talking about the younger version of the actors)

I cannot imagine someone more apt than Akshay Kumar to play Neville Longbottom. Neville grows from a shy, awkward, bumbling boy to a strong, brave man. Very few have as much versatility as him (from the movies I’ve watched) to portray who IGN called quintessential dimwit-turned-hero.

Cedric Diggory, the handsome one; John Abraham of course. (In the tweet-version, I had picked Abhay Deol, but now I think John is better). And given how successfully No Idea man has played twins and triples, let’s cast two Abhishek Bachchans as the Weasley Twins :P And with Sonam Kapoor as Ginny, most of the Weasley family is now complete. What’s Bollywood without Big B eh? There’s no looking beyond a slightly-fat Amitabh Bachchan as Dumbledore.

My most favourite HP Characters are Snape, Luna and Bella – in that order. I’d cast my  favourite Bollywood Actors Aamir Khan and Amrita Puri to play the first two. I think Shobana Chandrakumar can do justice to Bellatrix Lestrange. You shouln’t have trouble accepting the last sentence if you’ve seen Shobana playing Ganga in Manichitrathazhu, the (original) Malayalam version of Bhool Bhulaiyaa.

Look at this pic. Aren’t you reminded of Dolores Umbridge? :P

And how about Hrithik Roshan as Sirius Black? And the big bald baddie – Lord Voldemort – Naseeruddin Shah, no?

Heee. I’m going to get hit for all this =P A quick rush through with some of the rest before I stop – Shatrughan Sinha (Hagrid), Om Puri (Mad-Eye Moody), Anupam Kher (Peter Pettigrew xD =P ), Govinda (Gilderoy Lockhart), Priyanka Chopra (Pansy Parkinson), Priety Zinta (Tonks)..

I cannot end without mentioning Rajinikanth xD I have no idea where I would cast him though. Who would you cast him as? Also, do suggest better/more casting :)

EDIT: Draco – Imran Khan, Rita Skeeter – Katrina Kaif xD

Of course, all this is just for fun. No offense meant to the actors, or more importantly, to the characters =P

It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities ~ Albus Dumbledore

Despite what Dumbledore said, do not judge me by my choices :P ~ Felix Sebastian

Header Image Courtesy: http://fullytimepass.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/12/karan-shahrukh-kajol.jpg



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  1. Nice one! Lets hope, if ever, this movie is made they will drop the song and dance routine omnipresent in Indian Cinema :P
    Kudos on the great choices, but have you given a thought about the Dursleys and Malfoys. A huge pool of typecast villainous actors to exploit :D


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