Around the (Flat) World in 600 Pages

Greetings :)

A few weeks back, unexpectedly, dad brought a book home. During shifting from the old office building to the new one, this book was left behind. As much as books make me happy, I wasn’t too excited by this one – The World is Flat by Thomas L. Friedman. It was a ‘Business Book’. Also, With Financial Times/Goldman Sachs Business Book of the Year Award’ sprawled across the cover, I assumed most of the book would whiz past way, way above my head.

I couldn’t have been more wrong! By the end of page 1, I knew this wasn’t an ordinary Business book and by the end of Chapter 1, I knew I could understand the whole book! Such complex stuff explained in such simple ways!

What does it explain? It explains Globalization and it’s effects. ‘Heh. I know about that’ you say? I thought I knew about it too. Not like this, I didn’t. Not only that, you get these little inside-stories of several companies and how so many of them work – from UPS to Walmart – all explained in a superbly-not-boring way.

I’m not going to review this book; I don’t have that much knowledge in the field of Business and Economics. But I’d definitely recommend this book. You could come from a completely un-Business/Economics related field, like me, and still appreciate the awesomeness of this book. It’s not an un-putdownable book by any means; you’re also going to need a lot of patience, as the pace is rather slow. But it sure is worth reading. If you get an opportunity to read the book, don’t waste it :) If you’re going to buy it, you won’t regret spending around Indian Rupee symbol.svg500 for the book.

Its Wikipedia Article gives a good summary of the book.

There, after seven movie recommendations, my first book recommendation on this Blog! :) The end-of-post quotes, this time, are from the book –

Girls, when I was growing, my parents used to say to me, ‘Tom, finish your dinner — people in China and India are starving.’ My advice to you is: Girls finish your homework — people in China and India are starving for your jobs.

…I call this the American Idol problem. If you’ve ever seen the reaction of contestants when Simon Cowell tells them they have no talent, they look at him in total disbelief…

Live your life honestly, because whatever you do, whatever mistakes you make, will be searchable one day.

In China today, Bill Gates is Britney Spears. In America today, Britney Spears is Britney Spears — and that is our problem.


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