Fifteen Random Things About Me

_/\_ ‘Reader’! XD

My 15 Random Things About Me post is inspired by Vismitha’s Random List. Of course, the primary assumption is that you are interested in knowing 15 random things about me :P Also, as you will soon discover, my list is not all that random; My liking for orderliness is tough to subdue :P

1. I, always, spontaneously read lol/LOL as a word, and not as an abbreviation :\ Like lollipop without the ‘lipop’. I have tried *so* hard to read it as El-Oh-El. #FutileAttempts :| (You can probably guess how I read lmao/LMAO and ROFL :P)

On a related note, I’ve been a Netizen since 2005. I only knew what ‘lol’ meant in 2007 #Fail

2. I’ve been addicted to Hashtags ever since I started tweeting last September. I use it everywhere now, even in text messages! #Facepalm

#DidYouKnow 555 is the Thai variation of LOL. ‘5’ in Thai is pronounced ‘ha’. So ha+ha+ha = hahaha XD

3. I am ambidextrous; I can play cricket with both hands equally bad! “555”

4. My ‘iRoutine’ – Gmail, Facebook, Cricinfo, Twitter, Blog, MW – in that order, almost everyday.

5. I get annoyed if you call RCB anything other than RCB. RBC is Red Blood Corpuscles, BRC is British Retail Consortium. RCB is Royal Challengers Bangalore. No, it is not Royal Challengers of Bangalore, just Royal Challengers Bangalore. What’s in a Name? Everything.

(But I will agree it is somewhat of a #fail name, RCB :P Come on, we could have been (just) Challengers or Warriors or Hawks or Lions or something, *Royal* Challengers? We sound like an Ancient Gusthi Team :|)

6. I am doing this list only because I don’t want to go through all of January without a blog post :P XD I don’t feel like writing much now-a-days. (Not that it would be a great loss to the literary world :P)

7. I get injured in weird places/ways. I’ve had a split and Bloody Glabella, a split left ‘lip-joint’ and a few more at places I don’t think they have names for. The Glabella incident involved a Flying Badminton Racquet. #NoKidding :\

I’ve also done a complete somersault down the aisle of a bus because I wasn’t holding on to anything when the driver hit a smaller vehicle.

8. Somebody *always* has to tell me in which ‘box’ I need to stand in during a Badminton game. I just don’t get it :|

9. The names of *all* educational institutions I’ve been to begin with the Letter ‘S’. I now realize I should have mentioned this in my SUNY-UB and SUNJ Statements of Purpose :P XD

10. My phone number makes complete sense upside down. I try that number once every few weeks. It is currently non-existent, despite beginning with 99 :\

11. I think Kangana Ranaut is the most beautiful woman in Bollywood.
EDIT: (May 27, 2011) Amrita Puri it is, now! XD

12. There is *always* a song ‘stuck in my head’. On rare occasions when two good songs are ‘in vogue’, A noisy-mix-y version of the two songs play in my head. Like ‘Waka Waka’ and ‘Loca Loca’, and more recently ‘Dilli Dilli’ and ‘Darrrling’.

13. I find women who talk in languages I cannot understand very ‘appealing’.

14. Somethings about me are inexplicable; Like almost always reading ‘Sale’ on Shop Displays as ‘Sale’ in ‘Sale Kuthe’, at first glance :| #Facepalm

15. Unless the caller sounds like Rihanna or Shakira, I don’t really like enjoy long phone conversations.

Yes, This list started off as 25 Random Things About Me, but I lost patience at around 12. I blame it on the Statements of Purpose and Personal Statements :P There is only so much thinking one can do about oneself :P XD

Also, Things are so much ‘cooler’ in one’s head. It is *so* difficult for mediocre-writer-me to convert into words :)

This Post = #Fail :\

Every creator painfully experiences the chasm between his inner vision and its ultimate expression.  The chasm is never completely bridged.  We all have the conviction, perhaps illusory, that we have much more to say than appears on the paper  ~ Isaac Bashevis Singer



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  1. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
    Kangana Ranuat?
    The palm is mine and the face is yours.
    This is fine btw, Not lame or something.


  2. RBC ??? xD. And I got the same thing of ‘saale kutte’ hahahahaha. i kinda find it funny. Kangana part is totally justified. and “555” was a revelation. thank you for that !! :P


  3. 8 – meee toooo!!! :P
    9 -lol!!!
    11 – blaaaaaaahhhhhh (i tot u had some taste :| )
    13 – waaaaattt?????
    14 n 15 – rofl!!!!!! :)))


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