Top 10 of ’10 :P

Seasons Greetings Snaily, Pallav, Visky, Cheetah Fairy, Subaru-Girl, Vikram and Random-Google-Search-Guy! XD

(I don’t think anyone else visits my blog :P)

For the first time in four years, I have no exams on Dec 24, Dec 26, Dec 31 or Jan 1. I have never loved my university more XD Finally, a non-textbook-y Christmas and New Year:)

Now that I am done with my exams, I spend most of my time (a) Sleeping (b) Watching ‘Phineas and Ferb’ or ‘Burn Notice’; (c) Re-reading, for only the three millionth time, Harry Potter and (d) Doing Nothing for a few days because I have a ‘busy’ Jan 2011 :\

So how did my exams go? Not that you care, but I still shall share :P XD Immediately after my June 2010 exams, I was about 85% sure that that was my best engineering exam performance ever. And the results proved that right. This time, I am about 70% sure that I might have fared my worst yet :|

This is that time of the year when *everybody* does lists. So here’s mine. This is my “What I Will Remember 2010 For” list XD

10. Turning 21 (August 24)

Not excatly turning 21; I had a List of Things to Do before I turn 21 and I did almost all of those XD Nothing fancy like ‘Visit Paris and Rome’ (That is on my before I Die List XD). The list was mostly Personal Milestones and stuff like ‘Get Driving License’ :) I did want to learn to play the Violin, but an academically demanding year left me with little time for that. I am trying to locate a class so I can begin sometime in January.

9. Infra Today (November 15, 13:30)

Although my contribution to the First Edition of Infra Today (our Departmental Magazine) was minimal due to its clash with my GRE and TOEFL exam preparations, the joy of being associated with a publication, no matter how small, is nice and satisfying XD Also, this lead to a closer Teacher-Student relationship, a relationship that was rather strained during the preceding years.

But how

“Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth and eating your hands. It can save around 16 litres a day. That’s 11,000 litres of water per person per year.”

got through a 16-member-strong editorial team is still a mystery :P

8. Twitter XD (September 17 to Forever 27 :P)

If I were Chinese, 2008 would have been my ‘Year of the Orkut’, 2009 would have been my ‘Year of the Facebook’ and 2010, definetly, would be my ‘Year of the Twitter’ :P XD Although my Twitter account was created on May 07 2009, my first tweet was ‘tweeted’ only on September 17 2010 – 499 Days Later XD That too, only on the insistence of Cheetah Fairy (I love you for that CTF! I spend more time on Twitter now than on Facebook Seema XD More importantly, without me being on Twitter, I would have a different and definetly less awesome #2 on this list ;) )

Twitter is also the home of some of my other awesome/crazy/alien friends – ‘Subaru Girl’ and ‘Visky’ XD

7. The HPANA Redemption (January 7/January 11/September 17)

As much as I tried forgetting HPANA, the ‘Ghosts of 2007’ did indeed haunt me for 32 months. Most of those 32 months were spent in self-loathing and regret. An Apology Letter to all three ‘affected’ HPANA-ers did make me feel slightly better. Cute-NK’s forgiving reply did make my year XD The most-awesome facebook moment of my 2010 would definitely be Cute-NK’s friend request on September 17 :)

(That gave me another idea – A ‘Top Ten Facebook Moments of 2010’ post :P )

6. Waka Waka and the World Cup [June 11 to July 11]

It would be impossible for me to write any list without mentioning at least one of my Goddess XD This year, in terms of Goddess-Years (:P), is ‘Year of my Shakira’ XD (Sorry Surve, you came very close though :P XD) ‘Waka Waka’ was stuck in my head for forever, only to be replaced by ‘Loca Loca’ XD Shakira <3

The World Cup too was awesome, although none of the teams I supported did too well :\ This picture tells the tale of my World Cup Misery :| It was almost as if teams were waiting for me to support them to get eliminated :P

Lets hope we have a India – England Cricket World Cup Final :) My two most favourite Cricket teams.

Related Facebook Update –

Me on Facebook, Sun June 27, 2010, 11:01 am: ~ The Lochness Monster, The Yeti, UFO Sightings, Martians, Big Foot, England Defence…

5. Survey Camp [January 21 to February 06]

Effectively, this was a 15-day vacation where we worked between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. and played childish games for the rest in a wonderful place :P XD A picture is worth a thousand words, no? Here’s sixty-six thousand words for you :P Follow the captions, you should understand the whole camp-thingy :)

My Blog ‘Mascot’ was also discovered during this camp ;)

4. Sixth Semester Results [July 26]

Do you know how difficult it is to score 70% in an Engineering course? :P Very. I scored a good Bloody-Brilliantish 82% XD

(I am Narcissistic, Yes? :P XD)

I have a weird undergraduate scorecard. I’ve been all over the place, the 60’s, the 70’s, the 80’s.. :\ Mr. Inconsistent :| That got me the ‘underachiever’ and ‘high potential’ tag. Bleh.

3. “Too Personal to be revealed on a Platform with Zero Privacy Levels :P XD” [June]

2. Meeting Snehal Surve [September 17]

THE Snehal Surve a.k.a GRE Goddess a.k.a Gorgeous Goddess a.k.a Double Z a.k.a Aunt Snez a.k.a Guddi a.k.a Snaily a.k.a Evil Snehil, and formerly Snocky. :P

Call her anything, but few people have had such impact on me in hardly a few days. 2010 might be ‘Year of my Shakira’, as mentioned earlier, but this telephonolalophobic has bagged the ‘Goddess of the Year’ title :P XD Be proud Surve, be very proud :P ;)

Such an inspiration, she is :) Why? I will need an entire blog post, not just a couple of paragraphs ;)

And the ‘winner’ of our countdown is.. *Drumroll*

1. GRE and TOEFL [October 31/November 11]

Some of you might consider this an anti-climax, especially because #2 is Surve. But, these two exams are likely to have a life-changing impact in the near future :) I spent a good part of this year preparing for my Graduate Record Exam and Test Of English as a Foreign Language.  Also, unlike other exams, preparing for these two was absolutely enjoyable :)

I got a nice 113/120 on my TOEFL. My GRE is a less than impressive 1370/1600 and 4.5/6.0. “Quant is the culprit, I tell you” XD

Instead of the regular post-ending (noun-verb, not adjective-verb :P) quote, I’ll end this post with some of my ‘significant’ status updates from 2010 ;) (Again, Very Narcissistic, Yes? :P)

Happy Holidays! :)

Friday January 8: ~ Ookay… {Note to self ~ Do not imitate friends without proper research :P } Quite a few of my friends put up Status Updates with colours… I thought it was some kind of crazy game… I posted “Green”. Bad Idea :P :D Just found out what was going on… So er.. Onward with the cause :)

Chinese Tooth Fairy a.k.a Cheetah Fairy should clearly remember *that* Green incident :|

Sunday April 18: ~ Irrespective of KKR making the semis or not, after three seasons of Steadfast Support, I will not be supporting KKR from IPL IV ^_^

Does that answer your question, Snaily? XD

Sunday April 18: ~ Based on Results of an Extremely Challenging Experiment { :P :D }, I can now reveal that my Index Finger Nail grows at the rate of 0.11904761904761904761904762 mm per day :D ;) ^_^

I have applied for a Ph.D for “Homo Sapien Nail Dynamics” :P

Friday June 11:~ This is why I don’t like to be distracted while studying. Mom asks me to run down to the local store to buy some stuff (I was kinda struggling with Runway Design all this while). So I go to the store and ask ‘Wee Cos Theta’ :p Embarrasing, Yeah Whatever :p :)

Sigh. Exams :|

Thursday September 23: ~ Really Department? You had to use the *Oldest* Pic in the database for the New ID Cards? :\ 32 People asked Whose ID Card I was Wearing. So did my Mother :|

Moar Sigh :| One more semester with the same ID card :\

P.S. This is in response to Visky’s problem with my blog being Largely Black&White




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  1. Greetings earthling (B’cause you stole my ‘Shoo’)

    I’m mentioned thrice *does a jig*
    And I never knew that you and Sne met.
    Look at her, She came to Bangalore and met you BUT she didn’t even tell me she’s in Bangalore. Wow.

    Guess whom am I angry with?
    Bai Bai


  2. I’m honoured. :’) What else can I say?


  3. I am honoured ;) And lolol I remember the ~neon green~ incident. Lololol always do research, Fe. ALWAYS XD


  4. #6 = absolute truth. and Loca Loca > Waka waka. #5 freaked me out, i misread, ‘Surve Camp’ ! 6th sem, 82 % !!! omg. #2 > #1.
    Funn read :)


  5. I loved this post. But felt lost in some parts. You know what; I face the same problem like you do. My exams start from 25 dec and end on 2nd jan. *every* year. With no holidays. All back to back. :/
    Overall such an honest post. Beautiful or may I call it pavaam :P


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