Goodbye Uniforms; Hello Transcripts! XD

Greetings :)

Two significant events in two different processes happened this week. First, The two laboratory exams this week signalled the end of the practical courses in my baccalaureate studies. Second, I received my transcripts from my university, Visvesvaraya Technological University [VTU].

The second event brought much, much more relief than the first :P XD Obtaining transcripts from VTU can be quite an ordeal. There used to be two approaches to obtain your transcripts. Since November, there are three. I feel lucky (and serendipitous, as explained later) that a third (simpler) way was introduced just at the time I needed it :)

1. The Mail Method – Send your request for the transcripts by mail, along with the Demand Draft [DD]. While this approach avoids travel, the time taken to receive transcripts varies from 7 days to 90 days, from what I’ve heard from fellow students and read on other blogs. If you need the transcripts quickly, this is a risky approach.

2. The Visit Method – Travel 12 hours (from Bangalore) to VTU, submit your request in person (or through a proxy with an authorisation letter) before 11 am on a working day to receive your transcripts on the same day. If you submit your request after 11 am, you will receive it the next working day. While it is a scenic journey to a good campus, you run the risk of visiting the campus on a day the Registrar is on leave. Apparently, his signature is mandatory on the transcripts. I had six VTU office contact numbers, which were completely useless. No one ever picks them up, so you can’t confirm the availability of the Registrar.

This blog post is a very useful resource if you intend to make this journey.

I was preparing to go to Belgaum and my dad was about to book my tickets to Belgaum when he found this wonderful, wonderful circular XD

3. The VTU Bangalore Office Method – As mentioned in that circular, the journey can be avoided! XD Submit the request, DD and required photocopies at the VTU Regional Office at Jayanagar. The notification promises that it will be delivered on the next working day, but VTU being my university, I knew that was like promising the moon :P The officials at the RO told me to call back in four working days to find out if the Transcripts were ready for collection. Mine were ready on the fifth working day. Relatively super fast XD

The Address

Visvesvaraya Technological University
Regional Center Bangalore
# 351, 2nd Cross, I Block
Jayanagara, Bangalore – 560 011
Phone: 080-2656 3266, 080-2656 1455

What you need

  1. A request letter mentioning your Name, USN, DD number, number of copies of transcripts required (Or use the form on page 2 of that circular).
  2. A Demand Draft (Rs. 250 for first copy, Rs. 150 for every additional copy. I took 16 copies, so I had to pay Rs. 2500 (250+ 15*150)).
  3. One set of photocopies of all markscards.
  4. An authorisation letter if someone other than you is collecting the transcripts.

What you get – Your transcripts in sealed and signed Air Mail envelopes plus a ‘sample’ transcript so that you don’t have to open any envelope to find out what’s inside. Each envelope contains two pinned A4 sheets, one sheet containing your marks in a simple elegant format and the attached sheet explaining VTU’s history, grading and ranking schemes.

Ah. It feels good to have 16 transcripts in my hands, only as long as I don’t read the marks in the sample transcript :P ;)

Of course there’s a lot of knowledge in universities: the freshmen bring a little in; the seniors don’t take much away, so knowledge sort of accumulates… ~ Anonymous



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  1. am a nice guy, dont mind my mail id! 10 August 2012 — 23:05

    good info. Almost all blogs refer to the nagarbhavi office in bangalore, glad to know that the jaynagar office also provides this facilty


  2. Hello,
    I need transcripts in 5 days max. So is this way sure won’t take more than a week at least?


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