The Unfamiliar Familiar People :)

For quite some time now, ideas for three blog entries have been swarming around in my head and distracting me from exam preparations at the most inopportune times :P Provided BESCOM doesn’t interfere, I’m going to publish three back-to-back posts and finally give these ideas a vent before they drive me crazy XD My first post today is about the unfamiliar familiar people in our lives. I’m pretty sure we all have some :)

If you’re on Facebook (a rather unnecessary condition :P), you might be able to relate to the ‘Box People Phenomenon’ :) “It’s funny how I know the first and last names of almost everybody on this street despite not having spoken to most of them, ever” I said to Vidya, as we sat in front of the Civil & Electrical block during Kalanjali 2010. They’re all my Box people – The people who pop up in the People You May Know box on Facebook quite frequently. Over the 18 months I’ve been on Facebook, the list of Box People has grown steadily :P

As much fun as it was to sit there and list out the names of random people :P there have been instances of stupidity. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve smiled at the Box People – aborting the smile when the brain sends a ‘Stop Smiling. That’s a Box Guy/Girl” message :\ They must be thinking I’m some creepy guy who smiles at random people for no obvious reason :|

Then there are the other unfamiliar familiar people, one of whom I met yesterday after my TOEFL. On my way back from the TOEFL centre, I had to get down at the bus stop I used to commute to my school. There, I met the guy who sold peanuts at the stop throughout my high school. I was pretty amused at how much the place had not changed – buses stopping only before or after the designated stopping area and not at the Bus Stop, the deluge of envy-inducing hardly occupied 333s and the frustrating scarcity of the 300s that go to my place and the peanut guy. I involuntarily smiled at the peanut guy. He smiled back too, but I’m not sure if he recognises me as the blue-uniform clad heavy-bag tugging fragile teenager that frequented his cycle-stand peanut shop five years ago XD After all, he’s one peanut guy for me, I’m one of a thousand customers for him :)

Then there’s this girl who jogs past me on the way gym everyday as I wait for my bus. Curiously, she wears the *same* pink pullover *everyday* :\ So, why am I mentioning the unfamiliar familiar people I know/don’t know? I’m not entirely sure either :P But it’s fascinating to think how the unfamiliar people have a strange way of convincing me that I actually know them :) Ah. I wonder if I’m somebody’s Unfamiliar Familiar Friend…

Nah… XD

“We sometimes encounter people, even perfect strangers, who begin to interest us at first sight, somehow suddenly, all at once, before a word has been spoken.” ~ Fydor Dostoevsky

In fond memory of Karthik C Mouli

A familiar friend who passed away into the unfamiliar realm, *Way* too early.


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  1. BESCOM didn’t interfere. Association Duties did :\

    Two more by midnight :)


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