Karbonn K1212 ~ The Good, The Bad and The Solecisms :|

Time for the second installment of my November 1 Trilogy ;) It’s been three weeks since I’ve started using my Karbonn K 1212 phone, just about long enough to write a fair review of the phone :) The Kay-one-two-one-two is er… Sparkling Brilliance interspersed with Glaring Absurdity (Ah. Somewhat comparable to me, no? :P ;) XD) While 1212 awes you with some of it’s features, it does frustrate with some blatant #Failness :P If you’ve stumbled upon this blog while searching for a K1212 review, I’ve listed out the Good and the ‘Bad’ parts – making it easy for you to decide if you need to buy it :)

In brief, K1212 is a 3.2 inch full touchscreen phone with a 3.0 MP camera.

First – The Box.

Since I personally follow the Reduce-Reuse-Recycle precept, I was happy to discover that the phone came in a pretty sturdy box with a sleek, inconspicuous and re-usable magnetic lock. The box includes nothing other than the standard stuff – The Handset,  Charger, Battery, Headphones, Data Cable, Stylus and the Usual Papers. After you take the contents out and clean up the dividers and stuff, you also get a pretty decent storage box – Use it to store something – Anything! Don’t throw it away :) It’s not your regular cardboard-based packaging, it’s pretty strong.

Next – The Good Stuff

The main attraction of this phone for me was the touchscreen – and it isn’t a disappointing one. It is *hyper*-sensitive. Soft taps will do. You get three home screens that you can flip through effortlessly. In addition to that, you get to completely customise the home screens – you get to choose which icons to put where!

This largely helps in keeping the screens clutter free. My ‘middle home page’ has the bare essentials – contacts, message, camera, profiles. The ‘right home page’ has the everyday stuff – Alarms, Calendars, Call Logs etc and my ‘left home page’ (or the entertainment centre :P) has radio, music player, applications, bluetooth etc.

This is one of the awesome-est things about the phone. I like my stuff clutter-free :P

Second, the message center, apart from the one annoying flaw which I will mention later, is impressive. I’m not sure how many phones have this feature but this is the first time a phone I’m using has this – it groups your texts based on the sender. So, when you open a text, on the same page, just like a Yahoo or Gtalk chat box, you get a full list of *all* conversation between you and the sender in chronological order. You just need to scroll down (a breeze with this phone because the quicker the swipe, the faster the scroll) to catch up on the previous messages. You get to store a 1000 messages, so the storage is good too. You can backup messages (and contacts) to the memory card.

The camera is good. You get to choose the resolution of the pic, as usual. This phone offers a wide variety of resolutions – 400 x 240, 320 x 240, 640 x 480, 1600 x 1200 and even a *2048 x 1536*. Video recording is not brilliant but video playback is awesome – good news if you watch a lot of movies on your phone.

Music – The speakers are really loud, but they don’t compromise on quality. Headphone sound quality is also good, but the earphones are painfully big and uncomfortable. I am using my comfortable and well designed old Sony Ericsson earphones. There is an option to record radio stations. You can also schedule a FM recording session.

The phone also has a motion sensor that you can use to change wallpapers and move through your tracks. I’m not a fan of swishing my phone to change the music track though, I cannot do that and not look stupid :P :|

Opera Mini Browser + Big Screen + Touch makes browsing such fun. If you have unlimited data usage, you might just find yourself using it without any specific reason XD

Now, the bad stuff

And there are some terribly bad stuff!

I’m okay with people making grammatical mistakes and stuff,  I hope to be corrected when I do make mistakes. I don’t usually correct mistakes unless that person is close to me. But, when a phone says ‘Backuping’, ‘backuped’ and ‘Remainder’ (instead of Reminder), you just can’t tolerate it :\

Apart from that, another *tiny error* – the messages don’t display smilies :| If you need to see it, you need to tap ‘Forward’ and then when the text appears in the text box, you get to see any included smilies :\

The battery back up is around 2 days with moderate usage and one day with heavy usage. Poor Talktime. Only 4 hours.

Karbonn K1212
Karbonn K1212

And the camera (hardware) is very conspicuous. The phone overall is very slim; but at the camera area, it juts out.

Overall, the phone looks good (at least from the front), feels food and is easy to handle, but I somehow feel like the whole gadget is held by duct tape :\ It must be the creaking noises the back cover makes sometimes :P

On a scale of 1 to 5, ignoring the Tragic Solecisms, I’d give it a 3.5, because you can get it for Rs. 4500 (MRP is Rs. 6990). It’s the Garib Rath of the Phone World XD

Good for the ‘poor peoples’ like us XD ;) :)

EDIT: This post is one of the relatively ‘popular’ posts in my blog. So here’s an update after using the phone for over eight months. Scrolling in the typing window is very difficult. You’ll find it frustrating – Scroll bar is tiny and mostly unresponsive. On the bright side – I’ve dropped it twice and it’s in fine condition – pretty sturdy for a touchscreen phone. Also, I damaged my screen during a vacation. Service is good (in Bangalore) – The service centre changed the screen free of cost (One year warranty).

Tech Stuff:

1000mAh Li-ion battery
25MB phone memory
3.0 mega pixel camera
3.2-inch full touchscreen 65K color display
Audio recorder
Bluetooth A2DP
Data/fax Modem
Dimension 111.7 x 57 x 12.1mm
Dual speakers
FM radio
Motion sensor
Mp3 player
Network: GSM 900/ 1800
PC Sync for PC connectivity
Screen resolution of 320 x 240 pixels
Standby time 300 hrs
Talk time 4 hrs
Up to 8GB microSD card support
USB port
Video player
WAP browser
Weight 105 gm


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