‘Backuping in Progress’… ‘Backuped!’ :|

Greetings Miracle ;) :)

Study – application of the mental faculties to the acquisition of knowledge

Ah. Fancy definition that. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that all I can remember doing for the last seven years is the application of my limited mental faculties to the acquisition of rather complex and sometimes obsolete knowledge :P ;) (And the Harry Potter Septology of course XD)

In 2005, They said “Tenth Board Exams are crucial. Study now. You can enjoy life after this if you do well”

2006, “I PUC is where you gain fundamental knowledge that you apply for II PUC coursework. Study well”

2007, “II PUC. Life-Defining Exams. Study Now. Enjoy Later”

2007, Finally! Engineering Started. Time to take it easy! XD Or maybe not :| 28 Exams and Tests crammed into 16 weeks. Twice a Year. How Exciting :|

2008, “Study Well. Time to make up for your pathetic marks in your first year”

Pathetic? :| How do you explain to your parents that it is unfair to compare Class 10 and Semester I marks? XD

Class 10, 90%, Piece of Strawberry Cake.

Sem I, 90%, Piece of Rusted Iron :|

No, My standards aren’t declining, dad. The standards of the syllabi are ‘inclining’* :P XD

2009, “Third Year, They put *these* marks on your degree certificate. Study Well”

2010, “Final Year, get your percent aggregate up! Study Well”

Quoting a famous-Punjabi-boy-on-T.V.,

Syllabus Khatam Hi Nahi Hunda!


All This popped up in my mind when I realised that I will be studying something everyday until December 24. Everyday. The Third IA Tests are sandwiched between my TOEFL and GRE. Soon after GRE, my semester exams begin. At least it ends on Dec 24 this year. Last Year, I had exams on Dec 23 and Dec 26. The same year, I wrote an exam on Jan 01. And in my first year, Dec 31 :|

Apart from the very un-150/150-ish (read pathetic) Second IA tests, this week also bought with it a new phone XD After two Nokias, a Motorola and a Sony Ericsson, A Karbonn is a er… declination in standards :P I’m not too much of a Brand-fanatic (or Brandwhore, a term preferred by a friend XD) so I’m not too bothered by that.

What I am bothered by, though, is that while I tired to backup my contacts, the pop-up on the relatively-giant-stylish-screen said, a very unstylish,

Please Wait. Backuping in Progress

As a contingency plan, Just in case Karbonn thought that that hadn’t stupefied a (self-proclaimed) grammar and spelling fanatic (:P), they added a gem to finish off the whole backing-up process,



Hey, for a Rs. 4500 phone with a 3.0 MP camera, a full touchscreen interface, an E-book reader, FM tuner and Java Application support and a Kazillion other stuff, that is forgivable, No? XD ;) :)


What I really need now is a plan. A foolproof, goofproof, fail-safe plan that will save my neck for the next couple of months. At least. ~ My ‘Dame-d’ GRE Goddess :P XD ;)

*’Inclining’ used for er… ‘dramatic effect’. Inclining is *not* the opposite of Declining XD


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  1. GRE Goddess :P 16 October 2010 — 07:59

    ‘Backuped’ is intolerable. Period.


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