Serendipitous Me! :)

Greetings People of the दूध-y रास्ता! :P ;)

Okay, I do know it is आकाशगंगा :|

Serendipity is looking in a haystack for a needle and discovering a farmer’s daughter ~ Julius Comroe Jr.

I’ve been pretty lucky over the years.

Two times, A snake and I have come closer than desirable for either of us (One involving a neonatal-me in a cradle, and a snake on the cradle ropes.) It would be ‘mildly absurd’ for me to attribute my fascination for snakes to this incident, though. One potentially fatal averted car crash and two near-death drowning incidents made me muse upon the whole Purpose of Life thingy ;) (This reminds me, I need to take Natation classes. I have developed a fear of deep waters. I need to learn to swim. Apart from a lack of time, the other deterrent is a possibility of them teaching me to swim by pushing me in the deep end :P Why Not? That’s ‘normal’. Isn’t it? No. Because I’m pretty sure sky diving is not thought by pushing students off the plane on their very first day :\

I’ve been lucky in situations where my existence hasn’t been gambled as well :P I’ve turned up for exams without much preparations and scored 80-90% of the marks. The January 1 Geology Exam :D Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End premiered on December 31 2008 at 21:00.  I watched the re-run at midnight, slept at 4 am, woke up at 6, wrote the exam at 09:00 and almost aced it XD (Watching Movie premiers seems to be my good luck charm, A Late-Night Mr. Bean’s Holiday did wonders to my Sem II EME exam ;) :P ) I guess these have been countermanded by the numerous time that I’ve actually studied and got depressing marks :\

Now that the lucky-me has been explained, let me restart this post the way I originally wanted to start it :) –

I’ve been pretty lucky over the years, but I’ve seldom been Serendipitous. The last few weeks have been nothing but serendipity epitomised :) First, a junior gives me a pen drive which turns out to be a cornucopia of GRE resources. He must have seen me going through Barron’s at every free time I get. Suddenly, my resource count rose from One to a Lot More ;)

Then, the awesome-est thing happened. The end result of about eight years of er… work. In 2002, I picked up a book which would define my childhood. The blue book. The Book with the picture of a blue car flying over a smoky train. the book with a scarred-bespectacled boy, a red-haired-freckled boy and a owl in a cage inside the car. Harry Potter and the chamber of Secrets.

And thus, the chain of events that would ultimately gift me my GRE Goddess had begun ;)

2002 ~ I read HPatCoS and almost immediately become chronically ill. Pottermania :|

2002 ~ I join St. Joseph’s Indian High School. The library has all four Potter books released until then. Pottermania intensifies :P

2004  ~ I find HPANA in a Google search, where I would spend almost all my free time until 2007. I met some of the most awesome people here XD. The probability that you met me on HPANA is pretty high ;) :)

2005 ~ I meet Nisha on HPANA.

2007 ~ Banned from HPANA :| Don’t ask. Please. Stupidity :\

2008 ~ A Year spent missing HPANA and all my friends there :\

April 2009 ~ I join Facebook.

May 2009 ~ I join Twitter. Isn’t much impressed. First tweet tweeted a year and a half later :P

2009 ~ Nisha finds me on Facebook.

2009 ~ Nisha intoduces me to Anish (Trivia: Nisha and Anish have the same letters :P ;) )

2010 ~ Anish introduces me to ‘Chinese Tooth Fairy’ Seema :P

September 2010 ~ Seema ‘forces’ me to ‘join’ Twitter. (CTF, I owe you a couple of Bournvilles for this XD! Thanks a Kazillion!)

September 2010 ~ First Tweet. 498 Days after Joining Twitter.

September 2010 ~ Speaks to Snehal for the first time post HPANA on Twitter.

September 2010 ~ Snehal awesome-ly fills my Gmail with supercool GRE stuff XD

Ah. Okay. A fanciful chain :P ;)

I am very very indebted to Snehal. She’s further increased my GRE Resources count from a Lot More to a Kazillion ;) :) Thank You! :) Like I’ve said to her, Depending on my financial strength a few years later, I’d gift my GRE Goddess anything between a couple of Bournvilles and a Couple of BMWs :P ;)

In reality, serendipity accounts for one percent of the blessings we receive in life, work and love. The other 99 percent is due to our efforts ~ Peter McWilliams

In reality, serendipity accounts for one percent of the blessings we receive in life, work and love. The other 99 percent is due to Awesome Gods and Goddesses, both Celestial and Terrestrial :P ;) :) ~ Tchotchke :P :)


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