The Engineer, The Bureaucrat and The Doctor

Greetings Fellow Milky Way Dwellers ;)

‘Earthlings’ were becoming a trite, so I went a degree higher :P :)

The title of this post sounds like one of the kazillion A Bleh, A Bleh and A Bleh walked into a bar Joke right? Let’s try one that fits the three Blehs in my title :)

An Engineer, A Bureaucrat and A Doctor walked into a Bar and said…

Ouch! :P ;) :D

Assuming the Lameness of the attempted joke hasn’t rendered you Catatonic ;) let me jump into the two visits that define this post.

First, The visit to the Passport Seva Kendra. Given that my last visit to a Government Office (RTO) was a tiring affair, I was prepared for a evening of running around in a Dingy Office. But, I have to say, that the PSK2 (the one in front of the Intel Office) is the most kick-ass-est and posh Government Office I’ve been to. Who minds waiting for a couple of hours in a building that is Air-Conditioned Centrally with Ergonomic Seats and having all the required amenities :D

{Suddenly, All my EPL-Aficionado-Friends on Facebook and the One Nut on Twitter have gone berserk. Apparently, Something huge has happened that involves ManU, Berbatov and Liverpool. One of the ManUions just updated Gerrard kiss Berba’s Ass 0_0

When will I start following EPL? :\ I keep saying it ‘next season’ :\ }

Ah. Back to the Passport Office. After the preliminary security and allied checks, I was given a printed token and asked wait in the waiting hall. Two things shocked me at this stage. One. My Token Number was Q6 469. Two. The Room is equivalent of the Room of Requirements in Hogwarts. Super-comfortable seats, Super-Cool Atmosphere, Coffee-Day-Smell because of the Coffee Shop, A Coffee Shop!, A photocopy machine in case you forgot to take all the photocopies you needed, a weird looking machine with a kazillion wires, which I later found out was a Cellphone Recharging Machine (Ironically, Placed under a Usage of Cellphones Restricted Sign), A Baby Care Room, which I later found out to be just a room with a chair and table for breast-feeding kids. No, I didn’t peek in :| I just heard someone who’d been inside talking about it, in case you haven’t already noticed, I’ve completely messed up this paragraph, it’s too long, too many commas, No full stops :\ I think it’s the longest sentence I’ve written :P Further Inside, 23 A Counters, 7 B Counters and 3 C Counters. One Staff-only Pantry. One TCS Office. One RPO Office. One MEA office. This paragraph is a nightmare :P Terrible Punctuation :\ Somewhere between my images in my mind and the text on my screen, things went awry :\ So much for my GRE Essay preparation :P

The Waiting room was a rather amusing one. Of about 50 people in the room, 25 of them were infants or very young kids. 20 of them were their parents. The rest, me and 4 other guys, looking remarkably out of place :P You could be forgiven for assuming that this was the Admission hall of some prestigious Primary School. Good fun though. Time flies when you’re playing with the kids.

{By the way, I’m twittering as I write this post. I started tweeting only yesterday. With my love of Proper English  obstinately forbidding me from abbreviating words improperly, I’m struggling to write a coherent sentence under 140 letters :\ Ah. Wasn’t Brevity the Soul of Something? As evident in my unnecessarily intricate description and use of adjectives, I can’t follow that Adage :P}

Ah Yes. The Kids. I plan on being a teacher at some point in my career. I like spending time with kids. If I do become a Kindergarten Teacher, I might still be paying off a Education Loan after I retire :P Let me teach bigger Engineering Kids. ;)

Bleh. I have so much more to write about the passport office. I can’t seem to do justice to the images in my mind. Did the 1000 new words I learnt for GRE replace the basic words I knew? :P ;)

Let me just wind up this post quickly :\ Seven minutes to the IPL Derby, MI vs the RCBees <3 :P Also, I’m not in my ideal writing mood. Too many distractions :P I feel like hitting cancel :P

Anyways, the second visit, the Doc. There is a tiny itsy-bitsy meager little small bleh :P chance that I’d be in Europe, USA or Dubai this time next year. So if that were the case, I wanted to get rid of my apparent allergy to cold. I wake up with blocked noses and (See how distracted I am, i typed blocked noses :P :) ) headaches in winter. The Doc said I don’t have an allergy to Cold. It’s the humidity. ( I use that excuse for my weird hair days :P :D ;) ) He said I should be okay in Europe or North America, despite it being colder.

30 Seconds to the Game :D


(Oh My. Adios) :P :)

Why so many Typos today? :)

Bleh :)

You can get all A’s and Still Flunk Life :) ~ Walker Percy



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  1. lol… :) gerrard kiss berba’s ass… :P thts me…D


  2. Nice blog! Useful resources : I hope it useful for everyone.


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