Not Again :\

It’s happened again. All I need to do is start a blog to find myself with so little time to write in it :P [See first post :)] This time, it’s mostly academics. I have 28 exams in about 20 weeks. That’s about 3900 marks :P Plus, with me being the secretary of a local youth association, I have to spend some time on organising a few events and some fund raising. Plus, I need to research for an article I am supposed to hand in for the newsletter of our department. I might have to edit other articles as well. I’m not complaining though, I’m looking forward to all of the aforementioned. I like being busy. But this time, have I bitten more than I chew? :P Let’s wait and see ;)

Final Year of college is when we begin to think seriously about our future plans. The first thing to decide on is whether to work or continue to study. Throughout the last few months, I’ve been trying to decide on one. I can’t seem to decide on one. At the moment, it does look like I’ll continue studying. I am currently preparing for the GRE (October 9) and TOEFL (Sometime in November). That’s Plan A. To study Abroad. Plan B is to get into IIPM. Plan C is to Work :)

I was quite late in jumping onto the GRE bandwagon. I’m only in my second week of preparations with 44 days left for the test. Although I think it is sufficient, it is the amount of time my friends have put in for the tests that scare me :P Plus, some of them go to academies. I’m studying on my own :\

And, these tests are pretty expensive to register for. I don’t want to take a second test to get better scores. I only want to take it once. That is why I’m thinking about rescheduling my GRE to a date a couple of weeks later. Ah. I’ll decide on that in a weeks time.

I turned 21 recently :D It scares me that the law thinks I’m old enough to marry now :P I still feel 16 :P ;) That’s because all I can recollect about stuff I’ve been doing since I was 15 is study. Standard X. II PU. CET. Engineering. Eighteen Internals and Eight Semester exams in four months. Twice in year. Now GRE. TOEFL. Probably CAT.

Ah. Us Poor Indian Students :P ;)

I’m pretty happy about completing my List of things to do before I turn 21 24 hours after I turned 21 ;) Not bad. By our Government Standards, whose Bangalore Metro works should have been complete by 2007 :P  I did conveniently push Learn to play the Violin Learn into the 24 list :P Only because I had very little free time and lack of a good school near my place :)

Instead of the regular end-of-post quote, let me conclude this post with a typical GRE question :P Identify the relationship between the capitalised set of words and find the pair with the same relationship from the options :)

contraction : letters
thesis : ideas
diagnosis : symptoms
almanac : facts
abacus : numbers

What do you think?

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