Eat ‘Appams’ Only, Don’t Count ‘Kuzhis’

Name. Age. Sex. Religion.

Apparently, in our society, there is rule that an application form, be it for any purpose, need to begin with the above four ‘Boxes’. While the first three may be appropriate, the last one sometimes pops up in the most inappropriate of places.

A Student Bus Pass Application Form :\

Last Week, a few of my classmates who use buses to reach college, were filling out the application forms for the Student Concession Passes. Name. Age. Sex. Religion. Caste. From. To. Bleh.

Really? As far as I know, BMTC does not offer any extra concession based on Religion and Caste. Nor do they print it on the Passes. And I cannot think of a single situation where these two particulars could ever come in handy. :\

I’ve always believed Religion is a private affair. If religion wasn’t in the public domain to the degree as it currently is, a good percentage of problems plaguing us could be avoided. Don’t you think? :)

And, Going by my brother’s Last Year’s Pass, there is no mention of ‘Blood Group’ on the Pass Card. I don’t remember seeing it in this year’s Application forms also. Wouldn’t it make a kazillion times more sense to add this to the Card? :\

Ah. So many boxes I fill up in many forms are of absolutely no use. Take our University Exam forms. We have to fill these before every semester exam. Candidate Name. University Seat Number [USN]. College Name. Branch. Year.

The whole purpose of the University Seat Number is defeated.

My USN is 1MV07CVxxx

You can get pretty much all the above details from just this number.

1MV is our College Code.
07 is the year I joined the University
CV stands for Civil Engineering
xxx is my personal number.

A USN is unique :\ I might as well have been assigned a random number.

Speaking of boxes to fill, I have to fill up a form for the College Placement Office now. It has, what I find, one of the toughest boxes to fill ‘Ambitions/Career Plans’.

My honest reply would be, ‘Make enough money a month to support a family of five kids’ :P

Honesty wouldn’t land me a job. I must now fill it up with something similar to ‘Enhance my abilities by facing New and Exciting Challenges in the field of Civil Engineering…’ :P

Of course I would love ‘facing New and Exciting Challenges in the field of Civil Engineering’. I really would. But that really isn’t my primary concern :\

Ah, Time for our end-of-post quote,

‘Eat ‘Appams’ Only, Don’t Count ‘Kuzhis”


Figure that out ;) :)


What do you think?

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