Culture Cupcake 1: Ignorance is Bliss

As August closes, I complete eight months in this city. My Chinese vocabulary is growing (painfully slowly), and with each new word I learn, the tint of the rose shades through which I view the city decreases; the more I understand things that happen around me, the more I feel part of Taipei, but more of the ignorance-driven bliss I lose. I am unsure if that is fortunate or unfortunate :)

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There is No Nope for the Melons

…after processing tens of thousands of words a day, there really isn’t much motivation for me to read [In all of 2015 so far, I have (only) managed to complete 168 pages of offline reading (Crazy Rich Asians)] or write. That’s pretty much the only thing I dislike about my job; it killed my writing and reading habits, which is ironic because I am pretty sure that my career in professional editing is founded at least in part on the years of reading and writing that I did right from my school days :)

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Wonder Women

New Year Greetings! In my last post, I said More than a paragraph, Alisha Aranha deserves at the very least an entire blog post dedicated to her and her efforts at Scribble Foundation. In my next post, I will write more about Alisha <7 and Scribble Foundation, and how you can help :) So here it […]

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